The Day of Change


I’m shaking to my core. I have goosebumps. This isn’t over is it!?


I’m sorry about Martin.


One more fragment to go


Totally drained, but sending good thoughts after Cole. We’re not holding another memorial.


Its not over yet. One left.


So are we, Lauren. Many of us knew it would come to this.


This part. But… now we have to finish opening the Book.

And find Marty.


I hope it is at least for today. I think we all need a mug of strong tea after that…


I’m so proud of you all.


What happened to Marty?! Was he thrown back in time? There has to be some way we can save him!


I have tea for everyone. Come over whenever you need.


I definitely need some “tea”. Good grief, I’m absolutely spent.


Perhaps the book of briars?


If he was sent to the 90s, he could still be around now…just…older. We can still find him!


Amazing work guys, now to do the last frag, find Marty and party on the Ascension


The Book of Briars is definitely here, but different. Our old fragments aren’t working, which I somewhat expected. The new ones from the 94’s don’t seem to either however, Obscuiotempus and Inlaudetus.

I’m not sure which book it is, but I’m glad we have it.


Not now, there isn’t. The Silver killed off Nate Fallon’s essence, and Dierdre destroyed the remainder of the Storm.


I was… thinking about that.

What about the story we got from Inlaudetus? The story about the man who was displaced, looking for a world he knew existed but that he couldn’t find?

Could… could that be a spell?

If we can find him, if he’s still alive now, 20+ years later.


I am so drained, my limbs feel limp and numb… That was intense.


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