The Day of Change


I feel like this is what this day’s gonna be called for a long time.


It has been an honour to walk this path with all of you.


So here, in a perfect world, is how I hope things will break down today.

The Day of Change Schedule:

  • Around 4pm Cole will let us know where he’s chosen to open the door to Neithernor.

  • Operation Gladitor will begin in this topic. Once finished, I will cue The Lantern Bearers to begin. Time will be of the essence.

  • Cole will open a door to Neithernor to lure the Storm out when we’re all ready.

  • Hopefully the Lantern bearers will have some confirmation that they’ve accessed the Storm, then they’ll attempt to override the Silver’s controls. A lantern bearer or someone watching them should let me know when the Low Hollow spell is complete Once completed, I will cue the Storytellers here in The Day of Change topic.

  • Then the storytellers will begin to convince the Nate part of the Storm to trade the things Cole has brought for the Book of Briars in 1998. (Even if you aren’t a lantern bearer or storyteller, it’s key that we all focus on The Book of Briars. The more attention we put on it the better chance we have of getting it back (complete conjecture.)

  • Once the trade is complete, Cole will let us know. He and Marty will either escape to Central Park or Neithernor.

  • And then it will up to the storytellers to convince the storm to disperse.

Am I missing anything? Thoughts? Alterations?


Looks reasonable (in a crazy, this is the new normal way) to me.


I think @Augustus_Octavian wanted the Operation Gladitor folks to help out with the Lantern spell by casting the Gladitor spell before the Lantern spell. I’m not sure how, yet, but I’ll find out.


Keep checking back at the schedule above because I’ll be changing it up until we begin. If you have questions or want to make changes please let me know.


Less than two hours.


I am making an excess of tea for spell sicknes. If anyone wants tea, we could chance using the Internet Cauldron. The last few prototypes didn’t explode so I thing it should be safe.


I just wanted to wish you luck. There’s something else going down today and Knatz and I are needed there, but I believe in you all.

Don’t stress @Endri. You’ve got this.


Probably more like “Saint Endri’s Day” for how patient you are with all of us.


Herding cyber cats.


Meow, kiddo.


Super nervous…




I think we’re all nervous.And that’s okay. We’re all nervous, but we’re nervous little Mounties together.


Nerves are good in my experince. Means you got energy building up for you to direct into something :smiley:


My stars to make the Lantern shine



“‘Yep, it’s my light. And if anyone tries to do anything to block it out, well, I guess I know I can deal with them now.’"

“My stars to make the Lantern shine.”


The wind blew autumn leaves silently down on the school yard, as the double doors creaked closed behind them.

My stars to make the Lantern shine
:star: :gossmere: :star2: :gossmere: :star:


“…more like that stone–unabashed and shining and unmoveable, bursting with pride and potential that no one could take away.”

My stars to make the lantern shine.