The Court of Grandmothers - Hook & Needle Crafts, All Sorts

I know this could technically fall under hobbies, but it feels like we could overtake it pretty handily (and Chi’s interpretation of CoG not being Crimes of Grindelwald is too good to pass up).

For now, a quick listing of related topics:

Mystery Stitch-along (cross-stitch)
I made a number of things! (cross-stitch patterns from Manji and myself)

There’re also some photos of some filet crochet banner/pennant things I made hanging in the AGP office


And I made a thing that will be added to my cross-stitch queue.

It’s 150x231 as far as actual rows/columns with stitches, but I left an empty space all the way around so it says 152x233.

I feel like that page is a community favorite (and definitely one of mine), so… :cjmagiq:


8/13: I nudged the F a bit to the right, and the link is updated to reflect the change; also switched to new screenshot.


!! This might become my favourite thread! “Indeed” is everything I didn’t know I wanted, and @Cj_Heighton you did very well in accidentally naming us.


oh no. You went and did it. You madmen.


:steve: :yarn:


Oh, that reminds me, yarn things!

Dragon I made for a friend’s baby shower

My still-not-finished solar system blanket that desperately needs blocking to not look like a skirt with the hole filled in.


And some embroidered blocks for a Labyrinth quilt that’s about half finished

A paper pieced block I tried designing (and another dragon)

I’ll see if I can find some pics of the blocks for my Hobbit quilt (that also needs to be finished, but at least all the blocks are done :sweat_smile:).


OH NO. You went and shared that Liquid Fralm pattern, and I have too many unfinished projects, but I NEED IT!!! :rofl:


I’ll be tweaking it a smidge in the morning, so hold off on saving it just yet! (The placement of the F is bothering me)


I finished blocks 31-40 of my temperature blanket (my current big project), the most diverse set of ten so far. (The flash seems to wash out the color in the Aspen and Spring Green in the second row center and far right)

Technically they’ll all be lined up as part of the same row, but I figured it’d be easier to see concept/details grouping them like that.


yells “Allonsy!” and dives headlong into the madness


I made these socks for a friend who just had a baby this morning. I’d meant to make something larger but the baby came a little sooner than expected so I sort of rushed to make these.

I’m actually really impressed with this pattern, so I’m going to link it to this post.
You don’t need to leave a hole and then come back afterwards to finish the heel, instead you crochet continuously from the toe to the cuff, working a few short rounds in between to make the heel, and then continue stitching in the round with no pesky joining.
The pattern is also written well, and the stitch counts are all accurate, so I didn’t have to adjust anything to make it come out like the ones in the picture.


Want in on a group cross-stitch project? I’m plotting one at the moment!

How it will work:

  1. I finish designing it/getting supplies together
  2. I send it to first person who wants to work on it (I’ll probably do a bit myself first so there’s something there); I’ll make sure it fits in a small padded envelope to protect it/save on shipping
  3. Recipient stitches some, packs it back up, sends on to the next person
  4. Repeat until finished!

Sounds fun


I made a new poll to figure out how many people were interested in participating in this group cross-stitch thing (since I’m super smart and forgot to make voters visible in the last one :sweat_smile:).

It’ll be up for at least a week, so if you’re interested… :eaves:


Maybe after the group project is done, it could find a home at the office of a certain publishing company? :cjtea:


:cjtea: :cjtea:


Finally hit the point where I had to move my hoop so I took the chance to snap a picture of my project. I’ve made quite a few mistakes, but so far I’m very happy with how it’s going!

I’ve never embroidered lettering before and it’s definitely been a trial for me. I fully expect this project to take at least a year, especially with how bad I am at sitting down and working on it.
Here’s what it’s going to look like when it’s finished (there’s some blood, if you’re iffy with that):


Oh wow, that is an ambitious design! How do you find stitching on denim? I’ve only done suede and silk.

I’ve rather fallen off with my knitting and embroidery over the last few years because…well, life. But I did a huge Viking braid blanket for my husband that took nearly a year and something like 40 skeins of yarn. And I desperately need to finish the present I started for a friend in the UK. It was originally a wedding gift and they just had their second anniversary. :grimacing:


This is so gorgeous. I love the design!