The Council of The 18 Gates


I don’t disagree. I’m just staying open to all possibilities and considering all of them equally, without being positive or negative. Staying somewhere in the middle. Balancing the options, like.

You know… being an Ebenguard.


That is very Ebengaurd of you lol


So the Eye has a fragment of Portencia in it, who in turn told us about the council of the 18 gates, who both sent the book of briars to help us restore magic to our world, and has employed both King Rabbit and the Traveler in the past. Am I correct in saying this is all of the facts we have currently?


Sounds 'bout right to me.


So we have no idea how to get in touch with this council of the 18 gates, because King Rabbit is insane, and isn’t Traveler dead? But we do know that we need them to face the coming storm?


I don’t think that we need them. I think that they’ve already served their purpose with the Council… especially when you consider the role they each played in solving the fragments.


True I don’t think we need King Rabbit or Traveler anymore, but my question is what’s next?


Find the last pieces of Portencia. Try to keep Whistler intact and in touch. Solve the Eleventh Fragment




Lol well that part is obvious, I guess we’ll do that through the new pieces found on Portencia’s page


The Eye basically gave us what we need to know about the council a start though. They are the ones who sent us the book. And remember what Augie said? “Hide from hinder, you’re too weak right now to fight, but follow help with all your might. It won’t make sense. Until it does. Trust the flow of magic. Trust whoever it is that wants us to open the book.” And they have been meddling to help make sure we unlocked the book since virtually the beginning.


Oh, you’re 100% right about that. But there are a number of new unknowns in this equation, small details that may become big details later. And things I’m simply curious about, if we’re being honest.

I would like to believe they’re acting in our best interest. Augie seemed to think so. But I’m convinced we wouldn’t exist without them. There’d be nothing to find, nothing to have led us to this moment.


The council of the 18 gates are possibly the ones who were meddling to help us all this time, the men at the top so to speak.


I completely agree with that assessment.

But this word, meddling. You keep using it. I do not think it means what you think it means.


Perhaps I misspoke, I think interfering is a more appropriate word choice, but from the perspective of K.S I think it would be considered meddling.


The problem, I think, is that on a very small plane, KS’ goals parallel with ours - finding a way to the Source of Magiq.

The point at which they diverge makes you pretty correct.


I was just about to say the same thing @Deyavi - it would mean that KS isn’t behind the storm, and explains why Ted also mentions a “storm coming to our little corner.”. They are aware that the closer they come to piercing the veil, the more endangered they are by whatever process drives The Storm


Feel free to shoot this down:

Is this council the same as those who “come from a palace of doors”?

Or are we sandwiched between two big powers?


My guess would be the latter.


I think this Council is a different entity. The Eye said that “The Council of The 18 Gates moves to help you from beyond the veil.” The Storm / KS / The Palace of Doors are definitely not trying to help us. I’m guessing that we as the Mounties are joining a fight that’s been going for quite some time.


This is just a weird thought… So K.S. Is based off of solely Set in Egyptian gods. There is the Ennead, which is the nine major deities of Egyptian pantheon. So my question is this, if each one had a high priest and high priestess, wouldn’t that be eighteen people chosen to watch over this pantheon and their magiqs?