The Council of The 18 Gates


King freaking Rabbit?!


So King Rabbit worked for the council, this is a new development, not to mention the development of the eye being a fragment of portencia, or did it just add a fragment on her page? what is the general consensus on this?


I think there was a fragment of Portencia’s mind in the Eye. Maybe Climber told her about the Eye?


Then there is also the Council of the Eighteen gates, obviously on our side and they have knowledge of the book as they sent it back/forward in time because it just said through time and didn’t really specify…


@Endri Maybe, but it says she told Portencia about her past., I don’t think the fragment is in her past but its possible


Who knows what shenanigans Climber got into in her or her ancestor’s lives…


I do however agree that there is a fragment of her in the eye as Teddy also hypothesized that parts of her were buried in both the past and (Side note: I checked there has been no change to King Rabbit’s website.)


My thoughts exactly @Endri!


We need to find out more about the Council of the 18 gates though, because they might have the power to help us survive the storm


King Rabbit may have been working for the Council unwittingly, as well.

Or maybe his Creepiness began as their servant, but veered off the path due to being bug-effing-insane.


No, they promised him payment, in the form of Sullivan Green’s watch.


Or on a more sinister note, he could of become insane because of his work for the council


Good point @Leigha. A paid means to an end.


Aaaah, that’s right.

He was probably bug-effing-crazy beforehand. A believer, perhaps, already.

Brandon Lachmann was the Traveler, ja? So their tastes clearly run all over the board.


@Deyavi I don’t think they care who they have working for them as long as they get the job done, if they were desperate enough to send the book of briars through time, I think they wouldn’t care about the moral ethics of their allies.


I don’t know that it was desperation. There’s a likelihood that they knew exactly what they were doing, and chose their servants and the persons who would receive the book very deliberately.

Especially if the Book is a sentient “spell” and our performing of tasks is teaching it. I would imagine a certain level of growth would be required to handle what the Book is meant to do, and conflict creates growth.

But that’s more speculation on my part.


They might know what their doing, but why would they relinquish control of a sentient spell? Either they can’t cast magic themselves, or more likely they knew they couldn’t hold on to it for to long/they were afraid of it being stolen


On a side note about king rabbit (Hey anyone remember that King Rabbit video there was a clue to the eye in there it seems, the video had the word EYE appear for 2-3 seconds. Maybe he knew about it)


Well, that also kind of puts limitations on them that may not exist, and humanizing what may not even be fully human, or human at all.

I’m not pretending to fully understand their motives, but I don’t think they’ve relinquished control at all. I think what they did was a very intentional move to bring Magiq back into the world in our time and place, knowing what was going to happen beforehand, and assuring that there would be a way of riding out The Storm.


But we shouldn’t assume they are all powerful either, better safe than sorry.