The Community Leadership Roster

Community Leadership

Members of Community Leadership help support @CJB, @AG_Catherine, and the AG readership with moderation and guidance, as well as helping to develop and manage community projects like Nepenthe, Neithernor: Reborn, and in and out-of-world holiday events.

They’re here to help us, the AGP staff, and you!

Below is the current Community Leadership Roster:

@Ashburn - Ebenguard
@Augustus_Octavian - Gossmere
@Ginger - Ebenguard
@Helios - Balimora
@Nimueh - Balimora
@OracleSage - Gossmere
@Remus - Weatherwatch
@Sellalellen - Thornmouth
@Skylad - Weatherwatch
@Tinker - Flinterforge
@Viviane - Flinterforge

Many leaders are also happy to help and advise in some specific areas of the community. If you’re looking for guidance with regards to settling in to your guild, Neithernor: Reborn, moderation and guidelines, or even just a lore question, feel free to reach out to one of the leaders below:

Guild Advisors:

Any of the following leaders will be happy to help you get settled in to your chosen guild.

@Remus - Weatherwatch
@Augustus_Octavian - Gossmere
@Ginger - Ebenguard
@Nimueh - Balimora
@Tinker - Flinterforge

Moderation and Guidelines Help:

For questions about community rules or guidelines.

@Skylad @Sellalellen

Neithernor: Reborn Advisory:

For questions about the roleplaying initiative in Neithernor: Reborn

@Sellalellen, @Remus, @Ginger

FAQ/Wiki/Lore Advisory:

For questions about the narrative or where to find answers to common questions.


AG+ Game Night

Interested in the AG+ Game Night? Ask the leaders below:


Community Fellowship

The Community Fellowship is the brainchild of @Augustus_Octavian and is a way for community members to contribute to a collective pool of funds to help others in the community who can’t afford books and merchandise to request things. Both the contributions and requests are kept confidential.