The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


@annabloem I’ve had Home stuck in my head all day <3 Thank you for introducing me to Sekai No Owari


lord, its such a good band.



ever been to either of these spots?


Oh my glory I can’t believe I haven’t! I’ve been here 5 years and I swear I haven’t even explored a fraction of this amazing city


Cecil court sounds like heaven >3> do let me know if you ever go, id love to hear about it >:0


Hey Mounties!
The brilliant @Deyavi had a really wonderful idea, and I’m just here to check in and see if there would be enough interest from the community. We know there is a big creative population within the Mountaineers, especially a bunch of amazing writers! What if we had some kind of morning or weekly hangout where we journaled and or planned out our weeks. It would be open to anyone, so feel free to invite any friends and fellow creatives as well!


I would be interested!


To add on to what Oracle said, this would most likely be on a casual Sunday afternoon or evening, for an hour or so, to go over journals/plans from the week prior (on an after-action-review level, e.g. what did I do well, what can I do better next week), and to plan for the upcoming week. A chance to share resources, get opinions, or receive encouragement if you feel you struggle with the habit or something similar.

There would be nothing formal about it, just a “hey, I’m starting the hangout/whatever” at the time of, including any possible mid-week checkins or stationery brags (because I know we have some addicts). No constant reminders (unless you want one) and no pressure.



So I’ve just watched the trailer for the new film Tolkien and this tree looks eerily like the tree in the Balimora logo :eyes:


I noticed it immediately!!!


This idea sounds amazing! Wish the time zone wasn’t the problem, otherwise I’d be completely up for this! :slight_smile:


Would people be interested in having a bigger thread like this somewhere on the forum as a solution for the time zone differences? It wouldn’t be like a word-for-word minutes of your hangout or anything because that would be silly and redundant, but maybe just a planning/journaling space for people to check in/give tips/hold each other accountable?


Sounds perfect to me!


Well, depending on how occupied you are on Sundays, it might still be workable for you to participate.


Happy St. Augernon’s Day.

Today we celebrate the sacrifices that we make for love, and the selflessness of love, and the connection found between people who share an intimate bond of love whether platonic or romantic.

A celebration of virtue and beauty and good within and between people.



@CJB brand new dreamcatcher song!
Oh @annabloem you might like this too


I am thinking that the first weekly journaling hangout will be tomorrow at 1pm Herman Standard Time.


I am hopping on, if anyone is interested!


So… we have lots of big 2019 announcements and fun things to discuss…
I’m thinking a Town Hall Discord Hangout is in order.

Thinking… Saturday March 2nd.
Let’s figure out what time works for most people. All times are HST (Eastern):

  • 4pm
  • 5pm
  • 6pm
  • 7pm
  • 8pm

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Okay how do we do the react thing?