The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


@annabloem you mentioned Japanese music in your gift exchange bio. What do you think of Hyde? Or Gakt? I know those are more rock than boy band but we’ve got a handful of fans here. @Deyavi is really into Hyde and forced me into the J-rock fandom :cjheart: Thank you Dey but also I’m a little frustrated because that music will forever be playing in my head.
Also, Anna, I’d love to hear some suggestions of songs or artists to look up. I like to pretend I’m to cool for boy bands but I have a not-so-secret weakness for pretty Asian men lol (help me Dey I’m I’m embarrassing myself in front on the new kid)


Hyde is a treasure to all. No need to be embarrassed.


Guys, guys… Annabloem is from Belgium!!! She’s all about the Babymetal!


RIP Mikio :sob:


That was sad news


@Sellalellen I used to listen to Gackt, still really like his voice, but I haven’t been updated on him at all. I’m not that well-versed in j-rock (though I obviously know Hyde as well, as he’s one of the most famous people in J-rock. /well, him and X-Japan) I am really looking forward to Hyde’s performance with X-Japan on Kouhaku (a huge music new year special that’s kind of a big deal in Japan).
Like I said, I’m mostly in the boy bands myself (which is weird, considering I used to listen mostly to rock and metal before that), and most of the groups I like do a variety of genres (my favourite songs are usually the songs with a more rock vibe).
As for recommendations, I’d say Arashi’s Japonism album in general is one of my favourites, and it has this really Japanese feel to it too (the title song Kokoro no Sora is one of my favourites). They have a lot of songs I really love though, so I can never choose which one is my actual favourite. I also really love their Beautiful world and boku no mitteiru fuukei albums. Sekai no Owari has this really distinct style (they aren’t a boyband) and I like their songs quite a bit, they also seem to do quite well overseas.
Hey!Say!JUMP are really goo live and have some amazing song, but also some of the most horrible singles ever, and many of their best songs are only released as b-sides/album tracks somehow. They have this super poppy/happy image, which is very apparent in their singles and way less in other tracks. (some of my favourites include beat line, come back…?, forever, my world, masquerade, give me love and precious girl)
If you want to stay to the more rockish side, KAT-TUN and Kis-my-ft2 have a more rockish style. I’m more familiar with KAT-TUN myself, I really love their songs. I haven’t followed Kis-my-ft2 that much because their promotion was annoying and I got too annoyed, but they have some great songs too.
I also highly recommend Leo Ieiri, while not a pretty Asian man, she has amazing vocals. (bless you is one of my favourites among her songs)
I feel like I could ramble on about Japanese music forever so I’m just going to stop myself here for now xD

Close, I’m from the Netherlands :stuck_out_tongue: And although Babymetal (also One OK Rock) seem to be very popular in the Netherlands, not really a fan personally ><


The home of Within Temptation :cjheart:


Indeed. I feel like the metal scene is the only music scene we have some decent artist in. :joy:


I don’t know… Eurovision has given us some beauties :grin::grin:


I can’t even remember the last time the Netherlands did well in that xD Though I have to admit I haven’t kept track of it since I’ve moved out of the country.


SEKAI NO OWARIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Its so rare i find anyone who listens to them! Favourite song? S.O.S is my personal favourite OwO


My favourite is probably anti-hero, but s.o.s. is in my favourites as well!


OOOOO. you are my favourite kind of person.


ah, there we go. it wasnt SOS, that’d be my SECOND favourite. I completely forgot about “RPG”. I love anti war stuff so rpg always struck me as pretty powerful.


They perform rpg literally all the time so I think it’s their current most popular song. They had another one before that, which they did all the time but I can’t think of it right now


Dragon Night?


Yup, that’s the one! Thanks, I was trying to think of it and it just didn’t come to mind at all.


I can play it on guitar. ish. when you finally make it to the discord maybe ill play some stuff for you, if i can manage it :3 im kinda the resident musician, this is almost like a rite of passage for me to do for newbies at this point. Five, i think i played for you a little while after you first joined too, right? @Helios


Yeah! I somewhat remember that!


Awesome, I’d love to hear it someday!