The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Aw, thank you! I really wanted to be active when I first found out about the Guide to Magiq, it just wasn’t in the cards, and it was a little overwhelming.


I know the pain, i joined 4 months from the end just after kemetic solutions so everyone was in a hurried panic. I only really got the full story after reading the ARCs, tbh. I sorta just threw myself in and at that point it was too much fun to put down. Just gotta go with the flow =w=


Hey @CJB is just wanna confirm if the AG Instagram posts are in world or not before I post any comments on the posts?

Edit: Also I know that posting any comments on the Instagram posts could potentially revival my identity but I guessed that by now most people here know who I am :joy:


It’s in-world!


Awesome thanks!


Hey friends,

So a long time ago, I did a poll around the time of Phase Four, when several new characters were introduced. Also The Monarch Papers has come out, so maybe people feel differently about some characters. Unfortunately, not every character could make it, as I soon found out strawpoll has a limit. But if you feel real strongly about a character who isn’t on the poll, maybe post it here? At any rate, here is the link:


oh no! brandon only has one vote now ;3; poor lachman


Colby Fortin!!


Um… Saberlane.


Wh… Who?


I support any and all Colby art


I support all canonically bearded characters. #beardsolidarity


Takes notes :eyes:


I just realized that I’m a canonically bearded character.

Mind blown.


Wait a minute… :eyes:


Physically I don’t have a beard but I think future Raven spiritually does.


gotta welcome @Mr5yy to the great collective of outriders. 5 of us now.

could we call ourselves the 1st neithernorian outrider corps cause that just sounds so much cooler


Am I too canonically bearded too??


On and off.


Can there please be a new badge titled ‘Canonically Bearded’?