The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Aw, thank you! I really wanted to be active when I first found out about the Guide to Magiq, it just wasn’t in the cards, and it was a little overwhelming.


I know the pain, i joined 4 months from the end just after kemetic solutions so everyone was in a hurried panic. I only really got the full story after reading the ARCs, tbh. I sorta just threw myself in and at that point it was too much fun to put down. Just gotta go with the flow =w=


Hey @CJB is just wanna confirm if the AG Instagram posts are in world or not before I post any comments on the posts?

Edit: Also I know that posting any comments on the Instagram posts could potentially revival my identity but I guessed that by now most people here know who I am :joy:


It’s in-world!


Awesome thanks!