The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Oh shoots! Today’s my Mountie Anniversary!

Echoing what @Tinker said, thanks for the great year! From the 4 am squad to the Ebenrest visit squad, thanks so much for all you’ve done to make this community a truly magiqal place to be! :eaves:


@Tinker and @Remus its mine too! :tada::confetti_ball:

Thanks for accepting me into this wonderful community everyone!


Happy anniversary @Remus and @Rimor!


Wasn’t sure where to ask this, but does anyone know about the status of the Basecamp 33 badges? They were/ are available for preorder. I was wondering if the required quantity had been met.


Good question. I never actually heard anything regarding that.


Hey @MaxxGothic I gave it a few months to meet the goal but the interest just wasn’t there. I’m going to refund the contributors and send everyone who contributed a handmade “33” button for their support. :slight_smile:


Sad to hear that there wasn’t enough interest. After hearing about the Monarch’s Mountain I’d liked the idea of the butterfly variant.


Happy TMP Release Day, Mountaineers!


Balimora pin and two chronocompass stickers arrived today. Thanks.

Not sure where the pin might find itself. Certainly on whatever hoodie or short sleeved shirt I’ll be wearing depending on the weather.



good to see more bali rep owo


My copy of the Guide to Magiq arrived from Amazon UK. Good to see that the result of my choices match the online Guide.

Photographed beside my Kindle Paperwhite for size comparison.


Hey uh… Maxx… Is that an ingress sticker I’m seeing? :wink:


Yep. I didn’t get to see NL-1331, but I did hack it. It had been raining. I also attended an anomaly in Belfast November last year. Quite the experience. My Agent name is the same as my Mountie name.


I also hacked 1331 when it was over in Brooklyn for Aegis Nova! Awesome to see some other agents in the Mountie fam :blush:
I’m Enlightened, agent name is Theoric, which is a childhood nickname!


Viva la resistance!


Oh my gosh, the website is purple. THIS IS AMAZING!!!


Not sure if anyone went looking for this when it first turned up. After seeing Deirdre’s pendant I checked eBay to see if I could find it.

This is what I found.


Only €19.08? What a steal! And in limited quantities at that too!


The strangest thing arrived at my door. Memories, both of mine and those that predated my time in this place, all bound in a book. It feels like it’s from another lifetime by this point, but I’ll keep it close to me.


can i just give a shoutout to @manji o3o they’re one of the most active newbies we’ve had since helios, and thats awesome =w=