The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Hmmmm :thinking:


Also shoutout to @Ashburn who apparently joined on the same day as me?!? Whaaat!?!


Congratulations! :tada:


What’s even weirder, it was within the same hour too! :eyes:


ah, unfortunate. I figured you knew.


We’re soul bound now.


Also: I’m pretty sure that the whole #agpreveal was all a clever ruse to get Mounties out of their shells by making their Instagram accounts public while also serving as an effective means of fandom identity/ media advertisement.


Personally, I started out with a public one and switched to private after some random restaurants/bars started following me on there for no reason.

(Added “on there” because without it, it sounded like buildings were stalking me :itsukitongue: )


At this point, stalkerish architecture is hardly the strangest thing out there.


the forums seem so empty now, where has everyone went?


Oh we’re far from empty, we’ve had tones of new people join us


We get on discord a lot
Edit: also the secret society is currently in swing!


Secret Society?


really big thing with lots of stuff

okay seriously though its like the afterstory of TMP


It really is. Kinda wish I joined but I don’t have a car available 27/4 so I wouldn’t be able to go places and that would’ve been unfair to everyone :confused:


I dont even have a license, so i do my best to work behind the scenes w/ codes and cyphers and stuff. Dont need to travel to contribute


Yeah, but there was that entire period where people had to drive by places using the AGP app. I’m just saying in retrospect it’s probably best that I didn’t join the SS. As for contributions, I try and pop in everyonce in a while and say some snarky comment. I do this to make up for my lack of puzzle cracking / solving because I couldn’t decipher a code or cypher if my life depended on it :grimacing:

EDIT: Ingore what I said. Anyone can participate and I never mean to discourage anyone from doing so.


There is for sure ways to participate without needing to drive, and even if you didn’t order the pin there are still plenty of elements in the story that are open to you! As Chi said, helping with puzzles is something we are always grateful for, but you can also take part in interacting with the lore and everything! CJ made sure that in some sense everyone can participate, pay to play isn’t really AGP style, and while the pins did add a more personalized touch to our experience, it in no way means you can’t join in on the fun!
Hope this helps.


:tada: It’s officially my Mountie-versary! :tada:

Thanks for a great year everyone!


Congratulations @Tinker!