The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Hey y’all, so my tablet that I use for sketching decided to kick the bucket this morning, and some kind folks expressed interest in commissions to help raise funds for a new one. So, here’s a lil image with what I can offer if anyone would like to do so? Feel free to message me for more info, either here or on Discord.


I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m in a real bad mood all of a sudden and feel like I should say something. I’m probably going to just make myself more embarrassed and make it more difficult to get back into Ackerly Green but screw it.

I self sabotaged the hell out of my relationship with Oracle and I was just so god damn embarrassed. I can’t even bring myself to actually talk to any of you anymore. I realize none of your were privy to private conversations but I screwed everything up and got in my own head. That’s what turned me away from Ackerly Green. I alienated myself from all of you, intentionally. Though, admittedly, less consciously than I’m implying. I guess I’m trying to apologize, and maybe give myself the confidence to rejoin the discord or something? I spent a whole summer talking with everyone here, every day. I feel like what I did was lacking a goodbye which everyone I talked with surely deserved.

I don’t know why I’m saying this now or why I’m saying it. All I know is that this is twisting my stomach as I think about it and I want to stop feeling that way every time I consider talking in here or rejoining the discord.

I don’t even know if what I’m saying is what I actually want to say. But I’m trying to communicate, and I think it might be a step in a direction where I don’t get upset every time I look at this site.


@VictorianFlorist We’ll gladly welcome you back whenever you’re ready. :eaveshug: None of us resent your disappearing for a while. Many of us have actually done the same at one point or another. Whatever you end up doing, remember the Mountaineers consider you family regardless.


Victorian I don’t know you personally and we’ve never spoken really but from what I’ve heard and seen on discord and the forums you’re an amazing and super smart guy! We’d be so lucky to have you back here :eaveshug: At times I’ve felt like I need to step back from the forums and discord so you’re not alone in that regard. What ever you chose to do I wish you the best of luck!


It’s okay. A lot of us have disappeared for while and then comeback. Sometimes it’s needed. Good to have you back. :eaveshug:


Hey Vic,

I’m really sorry that things have been rough for you, and that you haven’t felt comfortable being here. But I wanted to let you know that we’re all here to support you and if there’s anything I can do to make you feel better about Ackerly Green, feel free to reach out to me through PMs here or on the Discord. You always contributed some wonderful ideas and I’d love to see you join back in, whenever you feel ready. :eaveshug:


Totally understandable, Vic, and we would love to see you back in whatever capacity you feel ready for. (I promise Sel and I will try not to torment you with teacup experiments. :joy:)


We’ve all made mistakes while we’re trying to find our way in the world, @VictorianFlorist. It’s part of being a real-live person. You’re a very smart, talented, young individual. We’re lucky to have you here, if you want to come back, when ever you’re ready to come back.


in regards to the whole PRSFNE Character Sheet thing we were talking about on discord =3=


Nice sketch!


oh, uh, i didnt draw it, credit to my friend shiro. =w=


Wasn’t there a thing about “no weapons” in NN? I think the colt peacemaker might not be a great idea…


I believe i explained this a while ago, but to those who didnt really catch it, my character mostly carries it around because he thinks it makes him look cool, and it doesnt carry bullets. Its mostly a decoration at this point. if i had intended it to be a proper weapon, id have gotten rid of it a while ago, but i mostly keep it because it serves a narrative purpose. while i do agree that it causes problems, it existing isnt really a point of contention, is it?


@Ravenwing The rule against guns in Neithernor is there to try and prevent any kind of combat. To paraphrase CJ, we are there to explore and document, anything we run into could be the last of its kind. Even if its dangerous, its our job as mounties and Neithernorians to protect the flora and fauna. Weapons, like a knife used to cut rope or a pickaxe used for mountain climbing are fine. The point really is you just don’t really need weapons in Neithernor.
Especially around the guild halls, which seem pretty safe.


in the first place, i dont really think ive brought it out since this whole conversation was first mentioned, so TBH i might as well erase it o3o;

in other news, it seems like a significant number of us are at ebenrest at this point. Whos left to get here?


None of Flinterforge is there, but I’m not sure if any of them were planning to.


I discovered my spirit animal in a deep dive of the cabinet, @Chordie do you two still check the forums cause you gotta let bell know shes awesome


We’ve got Montaineers crawling out of the woodwork today! :smile:


@Cj_Heighton I’ve never seen a forum in my entire life. Sorry.


Ayyyy lets go Flinterforge! :flinterforge: