The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


My latest exploration thing wansn’t too campfire-y was it? I can always move it if it is.


It was awesome!


I made a campfire story. I totally made one. :man_facepalming: As long as no one hates it. It’s good though.


All @Revenir -created emoji are loaded and I increased the size a little too!


Hey, @CJB, does Saberlane have a preferred user nickname? It usually happens organically on the Forum with anyone who has a multi-syllabic username that they get nicknamed unless we’re using @ tagging, so…Sabe? Lane? Refuses to be nicknamed? :joy: opinions?


I was trying a couple! Lane is good but I think Sabes is pretty cool.


How about LSab!?! Or maybe Sabs!?! Haha




Totally happy with Sabes and Sabs. :cjheart:


I prefer Sabes as Sabs sounds too much like Stabs :joy:


Or “Sobs”


This got really morbid really fast y’all. CJ, I was wondering about the name actually, its funny because during TMP there were a few occasions I wondered what your mountie name would be. Now that we know, I was wondering if you cared to share where you got the inspiration? :eyes:


Saberlane was a name I’d had in a list of names I’d been keeping since I’ve been a writer. The list is like 15 years old. Tinkerdown was another. And Augernon. And Knatz. Like Balimora, Saberlane just sort of sprang up. I liked the mix of strong and soft. A saber is a sword, a lane is a narrow road, often between hedges or trees. Also, Lane was my childhood best friend’s middle name. I liked that he had a typically “male” first name and his middle name was Lane.

For fun, because you asked:

Eaves - Mrs. Eaves is my favorite typeface. It’s a modern adaptation of Baskerville, which was designed by John Baskerville. His wife was Sarah Eaves. Also, an eave is the protective overhang of a roof. He’s a Goss after all.
Itsuki - Means tree. Like the Balimoran “binding tree.”
Ascender - pretty obvious mountaineering terminology.
Bash - is a Unix term and also intimates forceful and blunt.
Endri - I’ll tell you in a couple years.

Also: Deirdre.

Just casually dropping some revelations on you…


Is shook

I think I guessed Eaves was the roof reference, I also though like … Eavesdropping? Lol I love his name so so much.
I am so fond of Saberlanes because… Suprise, its my childhood friends nickname. Her name is a bit of a mouthful and people use to tease her about it so about… 5th grade? She shortened it to Lane!!

Also… Endri is like our collective captain so you can be darn sure we keep you to that promise :wink:


adds note to 2020 calendar: “Ask CJ about Endri’s name”
Also, it’s so cool to me the Deirdre’s namesake also has an epithet. Although I’m glad our Deeds hasn’t had to throw herself from a chariot.


Wasn’t there something about guild marriages? Where are we on that countdown? :joy:


That one is for March of 2019. Yes, I know that without looking…what? I’m a healthy adult with normal interests!


Obviously :wink:
March 2019… gets comfy


Not sure where to put this because PRSFNE journals are technically in world ?

Anyways, I really enjoy the idea @grimangel53 included in his latest entry about how Neithernorian creatures gift humans with their personal names once they earn their trust or what have you.
I don’t know. The idea is just inspiring to me personally, and I thought I’d mention it.


this works.
I figure that familiars, no matter what form they hold, will do this kind of thing.
Like my other two familiars are from creatures i spoke on in the campfire a while ago, and i felt that they would tap back and reveal their names to the person via their connections.
The bird just fit in how they might communicate with their chosen people.