The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Most of the threads contain information about the “ritual” to knock back into Neithernoor. There’s the main one, which has all the guilds discussing on it, there’s the topic for each guild discussing about their section if the ritual, there is the Mountiee Fitness topic made by Augustus (I think) which is about, well fitness and challenges, some info and updates from Lord Emperor CJB and that’s about it.


Stargazer is earned via
“For helping to free the captured, connect the stars, and face the storm.” I believe its for getting through the 3rd key, Cosmos.

@CJB Quick question. was there ever a badge for key number 4?


realizes that he may need to add a small thing to his PRSFNE profile. specifically my iron bird and its possiblility of being a familiar. cause i bet anything that it comes into neithernor and it immediately animates itself into some kind of iron sparrow. like it just adds itself to my small group of familiars. oops.


Dunno if i like my character backstory. Tempted to just say screw it and scrap literally the entire storm related thing.


Quick Question everyone, could you please tell me if we have a copy of the old Basecamp 33 logo? the one with the mountains? cause i want to incorporate it into a thing.


Are you talking about the photograph of mountains that was on the Basecamp blog? Prior to the Ackerly Green switch, the Basecamp logo was the gold 33 design. :thinking:


i may have been dreaming then. oh well.

i need inspiration for a Land Key.


Before the yellow Basecamp 33 logo it was the chronocompass logo. The one before that… I can’t remember what it was, and I don’t have a copy of it. Sorry, Grim. :disappointed:



@grimangel53, this?


That! thank you CJ!




Ye I never got that one either


@Saberlane these are awesome! :aetherdetermined: :aethereyeroll::ascendershrug::bashfacepalm::bashmordor::brandonthinking::cagliostro::cagsfabulous::cagshearts::cagsko::cagsrip::cjheart::cjsmile::cjtea:


This is currently me


Are those new Cags emojis!


I’m adding them in alphabetical order when I get an extra moment here and there!


:bashfacepalm: is forever my favourite


These look great @Revenir!



Not gonna lie, I’m really stoked to see these on the forums~ I’ve gotta make some more now that my art skills have leveled up a bit.