The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)




Is there a place to see your consecutive visit count? I didn’t actually notice it on my profile page. :thinking:


Do summary it should look like this


Ah, I don’t think it’s consecutive though. :disappointed_relieved: Mine says 426 days visited but I think there were a few days that I didn’t check the forums.


I think it’s more like since you join tbh


Just a reminder for those who want to know: it’s 35 more days o Christmas. But more importantly, it’s only 3 days to Eat-all-you want-, I mean, Thanksgiving.


Thanks guys!!!


cough and 40 days till my birthday cough


I think I enjoyed my friendsgiving last night more than I will the actual holiday LOL.


:unamused: well I’m still the king of hearts…


Let the War for the Red Crown begin!!! :fist:


Alright so I am confused…


cj IS saberlane.


Of course he’s saberlane.
of course he’s an old mountie.

falls over from exhaustion at the revelation


runs in circles


waves his arms at 5, running in circles


For no other reason than I saw the opportunity to be the first person to post in the cabinet this year :grin: :skycheers:


pokes thread too


Question! How do you get the Stargazer badge?


Can anyone give me a quick run down of what’s going on as there are a load of threads and it’s super confusing :joy: