The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Good to know! I’m using Archive.Is just so we have it available. I thought I would share it here so people can visit it if they’re so inclined. Unfortunately the wayback machine seems to dislike the forum’s layout, but it’s “archived” there too.


The Great Freeze is coming!!! :snowflake:


PRSFNE isn’t being frozen right? We will still be able to edit the character sheets/ comment?


It’s the final count down! music starts playing


Oh yeah! PRSFNE is just getting started!


Hangout and Archival Party Monday night?


I heard it’s over. Congrats all. It was fun ride, and I look forward to reading about how it all played out next spring.


I will hear that in my dreams now. Thank you. I’m not sure if I’m being sarcastic or not.


Mwahahaha you’re welcome Robert! :smiling_imp: just kidding still love you!


They spelled magiq wrong


Oh god, the end is nigh!
@CJB So the “New Campfire” will have a different title? Same goes for all the new threads?


You could easily fix their glaring error with a gold craft pen…


I kind of thought we’d call it “Itsuki’s Campfire.” :sob:
And there will be a new Exploration, Blog Posts, and The Guilds


ugly Sob

I love it. :sob:


begins sobbing agrees so hard.

also its a good thing i backed up all of my content onto a single doc on my end. if only for my own sanity.


Happy Anniversary to me…


It feels kinda wierd seeing these. Makes me remember I’ve only been here since April but it feels like longer.


Happy happy anniversary to you!


Yaaay! Welcome to the one year squad Leigha! :heart:


Happy Anniversary @Leigha!!!