The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


We never did explore the Durkonos/Pete Wentz’s hair shape connection…


That’s a better attempt than anything I’ve put in so far today :sweat_smile:


It isn’t a helmet, it’s a fedora!


This ain’t a scene, it’s a :gossmere: dang arms race.


Geh dah ah ray


I’m a leading man, and I’m also evil, also into cats. Also into cats.



Two things…
I want to like the things you guys are creating in Campfire but it feels blasphemous to post/like as CJB on the main BC33 categories… I might need to create The New Campfire.

Also, in the next week or so…
This is really hard to say…

I’m going to be archiving the BC33 categories. Which means they’ll be immortalized, “frozen in carbonite.” You will be able to go back and read them but not reply or like…

It makes me so sad. But I’m going to create new parallel channels to Exploration, etc.

I just wanted you all to be prepared. I’m not prepared.


Well im gonna have to go on a liking spree! :joy:


We should have an “Archival Party.” We’ll create a new topic in Exploration and give a fitting goodbye that will be immortalized. OMG, I am literally getting teary.


What does ‘parallel channels to Exploration’ mean? I’m just not sure that that means.

Will the entire forum be frozen? Will all the existing threads all be frozen and new ones created?


I was thinking of creating new categories for Exploration and The Campfire and The Guilds so we could continue creating and exploring, but also immortalize the work you all did in the current categories for The Monarch Papers for people to read forever.


But I’m open to all of your ideas!


Gotcha. So a forum will still exist. Just what exists now will be frozen, and a few new categories will go up for things like Campfire posts? Just want to know where to put my random stories. :wink:


Exactly. The forum will be here forever. But I want to preserve TMP as a time capsule. And it gets tricky when CJ is both out of world and in world. So to post and like a category where you guys, and Endri and co. also posted and liked gives me multi-dimensional headaches. I will always be a champion (and a slave) to immersion.


And the forum is going to become more “meta” when it houses AGP’s content and comments in the coming months so want to preserve the in-world elements.


Just tell me when the archival date is so I can get my likes in!


Not gonna lie, I got a little choked up noticing that the Cabinet was on the homepage now. The end has arrived. :sob:

I’m curious about something - do you think the design of the Basecamp will stay the same? Thought I’d ask so I can go archive things like a madman for the wiki. :eyes:


You should archive things like a madman for the wiki. :frowning:


ALSO! For all you PRSFNE members, I lower the required topic character number to 4 so you can have shorter character names!