The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Even if one person does it, it’s another step forward. And heck, I’d do it so that’s the two of us anyway. I’d say sure, create a thread for memories.


Yup. Real relaxing. Thanks for the multiple heart attacks @CJB




Welcome to the club!!!


Also I keep having dreams about meeting all you lovely people IRL and I’m hoping it’s a sign rather than my subconscious’ wishful thinking…


Oh I mostly definitely have plans to meet up with all you fantastical people!


Congrats Ravenwing!


So I have managed to stitch all four of these awesome illustrations together so i can use them as a background screen for my phone


Excellent @Rimor


If you want to use this as a phone background I should now have a version that should perfectly fit! So if you want that just ask and ill send it over


The pass phase isn’t /CJBernstein… :disappointed:


I tried it too


Also now @Bash is my favorite becuase of the intimate connection we now share. That and I can feel the Bash’s coolness radiate through the screen


I am of course referring to our lengthy conversation we shared:


I ship it.


That means so much, Robert. I don’t quite think I can put it into words…


I couldn’t help myself :joy:


Honestly I am lying on the table laughing right now


I thought the exact same thing! :joy: