The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


@magiqbot fortune will my new job be as amazing as I hope it it will be?


:crystal_ball: Most likely


You’re the best!


Congrats on your new job @Smurfette!


Appreciate it Dey :two_hearts:

Nothing we haven’t been dealing with all summer. insert more stubbornness here


I wondered why I kept running out of hearts!


Congrats Rimor! You’re filled with the power of love :grin: :two_hearts:


I couldn’t be in better company with this one:


I REALLY need to be on the forum more


Says the person who did some AMAZING work the past few days with the sigils…

But really Grim, you’re doing great with being on the forum, especially in regards to the Operation Aorthora sigils. But if you want to be on the forum more, I’m not stopping you. I for one really like having you around, so feel free to be on more. I’d to be on more as well, so I get where your post is coming from.


This is the most impressive badge I have…


i need to be, by simple fact of how much this helping my creativity? i def need to be here more.

plus some of these badges look fun. and i’d like to some day receive one.


You deserve one. You were my initial inspiration for writing I’ve done in the Campfire.


that actually heartens me alot. truly. i want to inspire, and clearly im doing so without even knowing. that is good to hear.


Seems I’ve joined you @Augustus_Octavian!


When I read @Robert’s reply to Marty about Climber, I read it mentally with this perfectly wry, amused tone with a raised eyebrow in mind. That was awesome.

Dang, Robert is on point today.


Sometimes I get goose bumps from Robert’s replies. They’re so well written.


Robert is the ultimate sass-master, I don’t know what we’d do without him. His posts are always fun to read, even when we’re dealing with dark situations.


I just got back from a short break off the forums and oh geez a lot happened.
I’ll try my best to catch up and help out!


The fires in Waterton, AB have spread to the prairie. They’re less than an hour away from where I live and my dad has been called to help fight the fire. Can someone kindly direct me to the Gosspound blanket fort? I need to pretend this isn’t happening for a few hours.