The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Sorry to hear you are ill! @Goldthorn
Griff is right, the discord is bustling with conversation right now, Im hoping to shoot an invite your way if you would like!


My discord tag is 3802


^^^ (for some reason i hit reply instead of reply on your comment pfft)


Username Techie22 (I don’t use discord very much so idk what you need to send me an invite


Hey Goldthorn! If you’d like to join the Discord, you can do so by clicking this link:

Hope to see you there! :slight_smile:



YAY!! Well deserved!!


Hey frens! So a while ago, someone had asked me if I’d be willing to consolidate some of my arts in one place, and that struck me as a good idea. I have a tumblr blog, but it doesn’t have all of my art, and it’s filled with random other stuff…so I made an art only blog! It’s technically not TMP-exclusive, but since most of my for fun projects these days are for TMP…it pretty much is right now. :joy: There is a tag for TMP only art as well, so you can filter out any random sketches I might post.


@magiqbot fortune Will I get dinner today?


:crystal_ball: Signs point to yes


Yes! :tada::tada:


@magiqbot fortune Will I be able to walk down stairs properly before the end of the week?


:crystal_ball: My sources say no


Why do you do this to me. :cry:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @magiqbot display help.




@magiqbot How long will I have to wait to get into Destiny 2?


@magiqbot fortune Will Destiny 2 be as awesome as we hope?


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now