The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


:sweat::sweat::sweat: Now I’m nervous.


sends 5 lunch


Am I the only one sat here trying to work out what food is in the picture? :joy:


Salami and marble jack on rye, veggies (carrot, bell pepper, celery and grape tomatoes), a cutie, a yogurt, and a granola bar


Omg that sounds like the best lunch ever!


Tomorrow will be cubed cheddar, crackers, a boiled egg, and a sandwich. Probably with another cutie and granola bar. I stocked up for lunch pretty well this week.


Thursday will probably be pasta salad, an egg, string cheese, yogurt, and veggies. Meal prep is my least favorite thing, but a good lunch is worth it :rofl:


I hate meal prep as well! I usually just skip breakfast and lunch and make tea out of whatever I can find in the fridge


I’m usually really terrible with remembering to do prep for the week. But I will make my lunch the night before. Then I can stay in bed 15 minutes longer


I just eat whatever


Some days so do I


Yeah, I think I should apologize also. I caught up on the past two days or so today, so I liked a lot of everyone’s posts. Sorry if it inconvenienced anyone!


I don’t think anyone minds really. I’m sure I’ve done it too.


Just a heads up:

If you suddenly have received multiple likes it’s becuase I just read an entire thread and subconsciously liked all the posts like I do on Instagram. Sorry!


Hahahaha it’s okay I do it as well!


@Griffin and @Rimor, y’all are our cheerleaders :innocent:


Thanks! If there wasn’t a like cap I would totally go through and like every post but unfortunately I can’t. So I’m gonna have to do it the slow way!


Anyone up for a discussion? I’m sick and stuck in bed with a laptop so I’m up for a chat. :grin:


I would but I have to sleep here in a bit (school tomorrow :confused: ). Sorry! Maybe try the discord?


Theres a discord? (link please if you have it)