The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


[spoiler]Hello Mountaineers, it is the God-King, @CJB. I love the idea of an Off-Topic category, but if it’s okay I’d like to have it not show on the front page kinda like my category where I post vlogs, etc. Would that work for you guys?

I thought it might be fun to call the off-topic something besides off-topic so that we could mention it in-world without breaking immersion, like “I think that was mentioned in the Cabinet of Otherworldly Wonders.” though you may feel free to come up with a better code phrase…

Thoughts? [/spoiler]


I can move this to your CJ Bernstein category for the time being. That way it is off the main page until we figure out a more suitable place and name for it? Does that work?


Love that idea.


At nine p.m. est tonight you guys can join @CJB and a bunch of us Mountaineers who contributed to Patreon on a live video chat with CJ and the rest of us. You can appear via video or just chat on YouTube.

Stay tuned for more details in just under 40 minutes.


My top seven artists (3 was too few, 5 is too overdone, and 7 fits) are Panic! at the Disco, The Cab, I Fight Dragons, The Summer Set, Twenty-One Pilots, Walk the Moon, and Oh Honey

i’m really jamming on The Colourist, St. Paul and the Broken Bones, Super Mash Brothers, Ludo, Watsky, and Young the Giant.

I kinda jump around everywhere. I really like Childish Gambino as well.Big on ed sheeran too atm.

genuinely likes a bit of everything


Hey everybody, we’re live at the February Patreon Hangout! Come hang out with us!

You have two choices to join in:

  • You can use your webcam (so I can see you) and log in to the Google Hangout HERE.
  • Or visit the Youtube Livestream of the Hangout HERE and use the chat function to talk with me.

Can’t wait to see you!


I’m set up for payments, but the first one doesn’t happen until March 1st. Can I still join?


Come join us!!! Open to everyone!


This was fun! Can’t wait for next month!


Man, I am so ridiculously hyped for this. Cirque du Soleil is doing a show themed around Soda Stereo. Won’t be making its way to the US for a damn long time, but it’s still so exciting for me.


With a quick glimpse of the picture and not reading the text I assumed it was going to be about the seven new planets NASA found that could potentially house life. But yea, I’d be super pumped if Cirque du Soleil came around my area, I think they did once a few years back, but I didn’t get to see them.


Awww indeed I sleep at this time but maybe if I had known i would have set an alarm ^^…


Is it wrong that the party discussion in the guild home thread is my favorite thing about the Magiq lore so far?


Well I mean it’s nice to know we have fun on our down time. It adds a little more life to the world when people are noted doing “normal” things.


I’ve already started working on my ‘Steve, the douchbag from Balimora’ fan fiction.


That makes me unreasonably happy.


Ugh, Steve…


I will never meet Steve, but I have a strange love for him and what he does :joy:


The amount of fun discussion that’s happening right now is so great. That’s why I love this place.


takes notes while reading guild home topic