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I really like them as well! I loved their Chase me / Emotion. Somehow most of the people I know that really like kpop don’t really care for them that much either, but they’re probably my favourite female Korean group at the moment. (Though this was the first album of them I bought).


Chase Me is great. I love their supernatural concept. All their MVs are mysterious and creepy and it’s just so unique.


Yes, I like how their MV stick to a theme. I know kpop groups love picking a new ‘concept’ for every release, but I like how Dreamcatcher just sticks to their image.


30 Minutes until Town Hall!

#1999 I wrote a song about @Balimora! sorry to the 57 people i just atted, but i figured most of you would be interested owo

all in all, its a great song, and im gonna keep writing more songs in the future! ill probably start a custom page for all of them soon, so keep an eye out!


The only thing I don’t like about it is that I wasn’t atted! :joy:

You’ve got a great voice (and mind this comes from baritone who doesn’t like tenors cause they tend to be really weepy) and I like your way with words! The lyrics also fit the theme perfectly and depict this sense of longing I love.

Almost tempted to hit you with a PM for a possible colab :wink:


Better yet, shoot me a dm on discord! Im chiyoko! Pretty sure you have access to it now, right?

Also, the baritone things kinda funny. I was taught to sing womans alto in an all female choir for 3 years in middleschool, i only started singing tenor like i do now because my voice matured to the point i couldnt fake it anymore xP ive been singing 9 years, now, its crazy to think about how far ive come compared to back then.


I do indeed, kudos to @Revenir :slight_smile: I’ll message you after work then, technically got it on my phone but the bills won’t pay themselves :wink:

And as for singing - well, I know the pain haha My friend tries to teach me singing but I still sound like a frog on a razor :joy:

As for faking an alto - I might have something for you :wink:


Mkay, that was too good xD hit the nail so hard it split the plank of wood clean down the middle and started a fire with the friction, but it was great xP


That was hilarious. Lots of soprano hate in the comments though lol. That’s okay, we probably deserve it.


As a mezzo/alto, yep. Though tbh it used to be the other way around in my school choirs as we had like 10 altos (no guys) and only I could half sing a sop part, so I’d take whatever harmony they needed.


If it comforts you, tenors aren’t that popular either. Mostly because when they start to fully perform, they either sound really sobby or like complete divas :joy:


i think we can all agree that anyone in choir have intense rivalries with each other and nobody is good at everything and also screw soprano jkjk


In my old choir, it was soprano vs bass rivalry I remember best. They’d tease us because we couldn’t get the melody right, and then they’d have a hard time remembering that one note. The only note they had to sing the whole song but it was just too hard :aethereyeroll: no sympathy for them.
Really though, I always liked tenors. They may be dramatic, but at least they can stay on key somewhat reliably unlike the altos


For bass, I can only say that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to stay in your register, especially if you have to belt your way through the song.

I think that the worst place is for mezzosopranos and baritones cause it’s a constant identity crisis - either too high or too low. At some point you just want to stand back and be like that girl from Alto’s Lament but throwing batons at everyone :tedevil:

Also, find me bands that don’t overabuse sopranos and tenors :3


What is this?!? What type of chaos have you caused the Balimorans?!?


Dont you know by now? WE ARE CHAOS! AHAHAHAHAH


We are the entropy. We stand in between :smiling_imp:


Hey friends!

Regarding… stickers. For those of you who like, buy, and/or use stickers please share your thoughts below… for reasons. :cjtea:

Generally, What Size Do You Prefer?

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Happy birthday to our wonderful @Revenir :heart::orange_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart::gift: