The Cabinet (General On/Off Topic Thread)


Our general category for out-of-world discussion.


I personally haven’t been here too long, but I was looking for a thread like that and couldn’t find it. Either it’s buried somewhere or it doesn’t exist at the moment, but I think a off topic thread would be a good thing.


I have been thinking about this for a bit. There is a General Chat topic already started with the “Welcome Lodge” tag. So I guess my advice would be use the “Welcome Lodge” tag over in the Welcome Lodge section if you are wanting to create something specific in an off-topic sense, or use the General Chat that has already been started.

Unless @Bash would suggest something different? I think that might be the best place, since General Chat doesn’t really fit in with the Campfire Project. I may be able to move this one around to that section even, if we just want to keep this one going.


That works. I just didn’t know where to post this, honestly.


I moved it :slight_smile:. I think this is a great idea though


Might as well kick this off with a question.

What kind of music does everybody like?

Personally, I’m into rock (classic and current) and some electronic, primarily.


You are just taking all of my ideas :wink:.

I really want to put together a playlist for all of us mounties with music that everyone likes. I think music tells a lot about people without actually giving much away (does that make sense? nah? I didn’t think so). And I really enjoy music, putting together playlists, making the music work together, even if it is all different genres.

But as for the music I like, I like all music really. Funk, indie, alternative, and a little electronic would be my “genres”, I guess. But I listen to it all.


That’s actually a really fantastic idea! A little spotify playlist or something would be super cool.

I get what you mean. I would call myself a lover of music, but there really are a good few genres that I can’t get into, try as I might.


Yep, that is exactly my thinking. Add to it as we find new songs, take away as we get sick of others as we all continue through all of this. It might be a fun little side project


Absolutely. Guess I gotta start thinking of what to add, then!


I actually almost never listen to music. Unless I have a deadline and a lot of code to write (for work or fun). Then I think the sound can best be described with this classic short example video.


Guess what’s getting added to the playlist :wink:


I also find that I can’t code without music playing, though my room usually doesn’t sound like a strip club xD


Rock, both classical and current, was a big part of my upbringing and it continues to stick. Recently I’ve picked up on a lot of jazz (mostly stereotypical prohibition bar kinda stuff), classical (this is mostly just background noise for academic stuff), and orchestral cause everyone needs an orchestra playing in the background as they gun down people and venture through unknown lands.

Oh yea and any sort of electronic hybrid with the last three I mention is usually pretty good!


if im adding to the music, id go with pop punk, indie rock, and pretty much anything from postmodern jukebox and i fight dragons

as for off topic places and Ideas, I’d suggest maybe using discord? Unless its a better idea to keep things to the forums.

Your call Senior Mounties!
@Endri, @Bash, @Itsuki, @Eaves


A group playlist sounds AWESOME!!!
I listen to a lot of Lady Gaga (Don’t Judge Me!)
Little Game by Benny is my FAV rn
And I’m also really into Hadestown, which is an album by Anais Mitchell.


Good idea for a topic!

As for music, it seems to change for me every couple of years, but right now I’m quite fond of punk, post-punk, and some of the earlier goth bands. I’m pretty cool with most genres, except for 99% of country (except, like, Johnny Cash) and I’m mixed on contemporary hip hop and r&b (I do adore Janelle Monae, Estelle, and Dual Core tho).

Probably my top three artists at the moment are The Cramps, Patti Smith, and the Dead Kennedys.


Regarding the playlist, where would we host it? Ideally we’d have it in a place where we can all add stuff collaboratively.

And to expand on my musical tastes, my top three artists (in no particular order) are:
Gustavo Cerati (and Soda Stereo)
Rise Against


All I have to say, this playlist is going to be so awesome with the music you guys are putting on here. I am going to make another thread for it probably in a couple days, where you can come in, throw as many songs in there as you want and I will throw them onto the playlist. I am super excited.

EDIT: if I can find a place that can host it collaboratively, that sounds much more ideal. But a good fall back is a site like Spotify, and I can just make edits


Sounds good to me! This will be a really cool thing to have.