The Briarcon Custom Funko Raffle is LIVE


$5 a ticket. Winners will be chosen at random by RallyUp’s site the night of Briarcon on October 21st!

All proceeds go to Pajama Program, a New York non-profit that provides pajamas, books, and other comfort items to kids in shelters and transitional group homes.


Also, if you can’t swing $5 right now, be sure to ask for a raffle ticket through the Ackerly Green Community Fellowship!


I gotta wait till Friday to get one


Do we really need to add a phone number? I can’t add mine as we have a different format for the numbers here so I can’t add my full number.


@Nimueh, I’ll check with them tomorrow and follow up.


Hey @Skylad? I saw you bought tickets in the raffle, @Nimueh has had trouble using an international number when trying to buy tickets. Did you have trouble? How did you get around it?

I have an email out to the company but haven’t heard back yet. Was hoping you could enlighten us?


The area code is wrong it wouldn’t let me put in my +61 but when I typed my number it fit… the next page over asks for your email to contact you if you win so I’m hoping that will be their primary form of notification… otherwise someone is gonna get a real weird phone call :joy::joy:


@Nimueh, so can you try this? They’ll alert you via email if you’ve won, and they’ll also alert me so I think the phone number is just an added precaution. If I hear back from them with other information I’ll follow up!


Well, I put most of my number in, without an area code and minus the last digit. But hey, if they can’t get hold of the person due to an invalid number you’ll know why lol :smiley:


They’ll also send me a post with the names chosen, so we’ll find you no matter what. :slight_smile: