The Book of Briars Novel - Meta Spoiler-Heavy Discussion

That ending had my hyped!

So did Ben’s reaction to “I would hope so, sir. She just hung up.”
Accurate Representation of Me Reading That: :scream:


It’s interesting that Ben tried to view this site, but it seemed broken to him. IF we are dealing with our current time period, that means the veil is closed to Ben. I’m curious if Alistair or maybe Lev would be able to get in. Of course, if Robert’s theory about two ages overlapping is correct, maybe Ben is in the wrong one to access the site.

Seeing Endri, Bash, and Aether again made my heart explode with rainbows :rainbow: and I’m sure Deirdre wouldn’t mind tooooo much that they’re borrowing her house. That being said, it seems like D has been away for a while, so I’m curious why Alistair was given the brownstone address.


Oh oh and I think Frank might be a Silver? He clearly has insider knowledge, but your typical Woolie isn’t the type to go stabbing people for funsies.


Anyone else grabbing TMP1&2 to speed read…
Wonderr if Alistair will ask any questions we haven’t thought of or got answers to


I’ve been thinking about using my time working remotely to do another read & start highlighting.




The little, throwaway details tell the most.

The fact that he never opened the letter is maybe the best detail about the kind of person Ben is yet.
I enjoyed that.


As a writer, I worry and obsess over the little bits, probably too much, especially since everyone tells me no one’s going to notice. And then you all notice. :cjheart:


It’s Friday and I’d rather not be working (downside to working form home, my life has changed very little aside from the fact the kids kick down my door to play more often.)

Let’s speculate randomly and wildly about characters we barely know (yet!).

So we have Collett Six and six guilds. Since possibly innocent coincidences are the best place to rest a tinfoil hat, let’s see if we can place the ones we know so far.

Aaron Haim - Good looking, blond and obviously rocking a high Charisma score. This guy will not hesitate one bit to pull a sword on anyone who comes anywhere near his family. - Calling this Ebenguard.

Janie Grant - Honestly I can’t even guess her as we know so little.

Billy Holtzman - Used his status to become a self-help guru. Assuming for the moment he’s genuinely trying to help people and this isn’t a scam, I’d say a good candidate for a Gossmere.

Veronica Morrow - I’m picturing her image next to the dictionary definition of a ‘Hot Mess’. When most of the six hid and changed their names, and one went on to help everyone, Veronica did her own thing and is happy that way. I’m claiming her for Balimora. I will fight u if necessary.

Majory Harrow - Unknown

Wyatt Haim - Unknown


One detail that jumped out at me: Aaron said “we thought we were the only five people in the world who could remember,” and the sixth is Alastair. So one of the Six doesn’t remember—and it isn’t clear to me whether it’s Janie. And why the substitution?

Also, rehab alert: Ed describes “A group of people from all over the world, all walks of life, who believed in the same thing: the beauty of art, the potential of words, and the magic of belonging.“ But he’s talking about the Silver, not anyone on the Path of Wool, much less the Mounties. Just as Sacha and Lauren were “rehabilitated” from two prior segments, maybe the Silver is for this one?


I took the second passage you reference more in the spirit of “The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.


Well we don’t know much about her, but I think Janie could be Flinterforge, only because we know she likes to garden. It’s what Ben sees her doing the second time he goes to their house. I mean a lot of people like gardening for a lot of reasons but if we’re really speculating randomly, we might as well go on something completely meaningless, what’s the harm!


Or Lexington’s second passage, taken with some of what else Ed said about factions, There are some extremists in every group of people.


I love that we get a glimpse of walking stick lore, which is one of my favorite parts of the Briarverse.


Oh man, my brain is just doing weird things. :deirdrexd:

Veronica standing there against the baddies, shouting “This is my boom stick!”

Or going full Gandalf “You shall not pass!”

  1. Part 3-B. AAAAAAAAAAGGGHHHH! Talk about cliff-hangers.

  2. Has the place for posting small errata changed? I picked up a couple and wanted to turn them in.


It’s still here! The Book of Briars Novel - Error Report Topic


Thank you—I was having trouble finding it.


All 3 characters I’ve met so far live in near poverty. Alastair’s book room, Ben’s barely habitable cabin, even Ilya, although the house seems to have been nice once.
But somehow it doesn’t feel awful to me? I’m not sure if this is just my escapism powers kicking in or what, but I wouldn’t hate to be in that room smelling of cooking grease and full of worn books? Or in a cabin with creaking sounds from nowhere, and a ceiling leak dripping into a bucket while I doze off. I guess although both are objectively not good places to live, there’s still a sort of coziness to them that I like? Idk where I was going with this.
I just started reading an hour ago and the word painting is so pretty, I feel like I’m just sort of drifting through the worlds these people live in.


I finally got the chance to plow through the most recent installment.


Also I see that Adler there, can’t hide that from me. :eyes: