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So uh… theres a couple rabbit holes for all of you. The question is, why is this book here in (almost) every shot? It isnt exactly a classic, and its boring reading.


Awesome work Chi! Did anyone do any research into the “Beliefs and magic” book?


not yet, i can look further into it if you need me to.


I think I’ve found something else! In all the later book posts there are six books surrounding one in the centre. Could it be one book per guild? If so maybe chi’s finding represents Balimora? Because plants and stuff



Bit of my own digging into it:
Author is Charles William Hobley, published 1922.
Seems to delve into a couple Kenyan tribes in particular.


Awesome, thanks @Ashburn! Let’s dig into this book and see if it could match up with a guild


So both background books relate to Africa. You guys think there’s anything there?


Yeah, I think there’s it might lead us to having to do something with magiq, as the tribes once did before. We’ll probably have to learn and perform one of their traditional spells, such as blessing the African Rains as they come down in order to have a bountiful harvest or something.

Maybe we’ll be able to bless the rains down in Neithernore as well?






I’m not the only one who thought of this!


I had to try not to draw attention to myself when this came on at work earlier. It was really hard.