The Ackerly Green Book Shop



I swear they’re just trolling us now :joy:



Doc is updated again for anyone who wants to attempt to try and decode this


Robinson Crusoe this time





That was my absolute favourite as a kid! So nostalgic! I wonder where my copy has got to?



So has anyone tried commenting on these posts?

Also we got a little bit of back story in this one!!


Okay so I posted a comment on the lastest Ackerly Green Instagram post now I just have to wait for a reply!


Hmmm looks like the comment idea was a bust or maybe we have to comment something else? @Saberlane have you seen anymore activity on the account?


And in a spooky case of happenstance (Or :cjmagiq: ) I had “You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!” playing in my head as I went to check.

I think I have more of a sense of what we nightmare buddies did to Knatz now…


So I’m stumped at what this mysterious poster wants or is trying to communicate


Its almost like he’s trying to tell us something :rofl:
I have to say, we faced the literal storm and for some reason I find the idea of a ghost running the Ackerly Green instagram far more unnerving. Warner is familiar though, right? He used to co-own the old Ackerly Green I think? So that gives this… whatever they are, a time and place, if they knew Warner.


Detective @Rimor is one the case of mystery book poster, first finding us a new clue!


Ye it’s either a huge clue or just a coincidence but I thought it was worth a shot. I’m gonna comb through the Instagram posts and see if I can find anything


I tried summarizing the backgrounds/grouping them, if this helps?

Table, broken pottery/china, unidentifiable books
-Ojo in Oz
Table, ship in a bottle, anchor
-Captain Salt in Oz
Table, pocket watch, game
-The Game of Logic
Table, key, Alice books
-Sylvie & Bruno
-Through the Looking Glass
-The Prince and the Pauper

Envelopes (Disbro- towards the top)
-Black Beauty
-Little Men
-Art of Correspondence

Peter Rabbit board game
-board game
-Jeremy Fisher
-Jemima Puddleduck

Beliefs and Magic, Mr. Livingstone, Russian monarchy, Mr. Maraini, Argentina/Buenos Aires
-A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
-The Little Prince
-The Last Battle
-The Master Key
-20000 Leagues Under the Sea
-Gulliver’s Travels
-The Wind in the Willows
-Oliver Twist
-Robinson Crusoe
-The Secret Garden
-Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens


The very back book keeps referencing someone named kirk. I think its the same book too, but different pages of it.

It references tite and botany too. Definitely the same book


Okay so the first 9 posts are unique after that it’s either letters, books or wooden table as background. The only noticeable thing in the book background is the “Beliefs and magic” heading


Possible match?


Aaaand a book that makes numerous references to all 3 words!"kirk"+"tete"+"botany"&source=bl&ots=3puyshhPWE&sig=0m9ccF4QIfoItQqyAzndl3DXVUg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwie-dy3vPzcAhWTCDQIHRoEDH4Q6AEwAXoECAcQAQ#v=onepage&q="kirk"%20"tete"%20"botany"&f=false Its called “kirk on the zambesi”. Written by Sir Reginald Coupland. Follows a man named David Livingstone in 1858 on a zoological and botanical expedition to the Zambesi with a companion named kirk. Written like a biography.

Oof. Davids cause of death was rather nasty. Internal bleeding mixed with disentary. Both of them were british legendary figures and african explorers. Interesting.