The Ackerly Green Book Shop



Could the ghost in the Ackerly Green building be doing this? Or could they be related in some form?


Okay guys we have another Instagram post! I think that this might definitely link to what’s going on with Woolies memories


Okay so I made a Google doc so we can keep track of all the posts easier


Looks like we have another AG post


This AG post is interesting. It mentions ‘a personal favorite of mine’. I want to think they’ve used that phrase before. Maybe if we gather together enough details of this person we can start to whittle down who it is. There’s a lot of mine fields in trying that though. Huh.


There should be a Google doc with all the posts on it


Looks like we have another mysterious book to add to our collection!


Here’s another post!



Okay, so if the Warner in question is D’s grandfather, this AG may not be Aisling. Warner passed in '78, and D was born in '92, so unless Sullivan and Aisling were taking it super slow she never got the chance to meet Warner (unless it were to remind her of what she’d heard about him posthumously).


I have to say. This mystery guy has excellent taste in books!


Looks like we’ve got another one!


Looks like we have another book from our mysterious Instagramer


Man, that quote is deep.


AG is at it again…


I have to say this… hacker? I’m still not entirely sure who it is but I want to say hacker because admitting I believe a ghost has taken over the instagram is just too much to handle. Whatever it is, has nice taste in reading material.


20000 league under the sea is easily my favourite work of classic fiction, so props to AG.


Indeed, it is a great work. Props to the poltergeist/ spooky Spector haunting the instagram.

EDIT: YO WHAT IF ITS LIKE AETHER BECAUSE HES LIKE A HALF TECHNOLOGICAL SPIRIT BEING (GHOST) PERSON? Or did he go into witness protection program for magical Mounties or something??? Ah i dont remember and can’t be bothered to figure it out. Sorry @xxxxaetherxxxx for like not keep up with you, man.



Updated Google Doc


Looks like we’ve got another set!