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Guess who’s back, back again!

For this one I’m thinking Balimora maybe?


So, if that’s the case, and assuming we have been on point so far with matching the posts to guilds. Which guilds do we have so far?


I feel like we’re getting ready to go down a rabbit hole…


So, Captain Salt feels distinctly WW.
Black Beauty as Gossmere? Or possibly Eben?
Game of logic as Thornmouth?
Alice in Wonderland as Balimora?


Osh. Black Beauty definitely feels like a Gossmere story.
Captain Salt definitely feels Weatherwatch along with Alice In Wonderland feeling Balimoran.


My instinct was definitely Black Beauty as Goss.


Black Beauty: Gossmere
Alice In Wonderland: Balimora
Captain Salt in Oz: Weatherwatch
Game of Logic: Thornmouth
Am I missing any?


You missed Peter rabbit 1, 2 and 3, Ojo in Oz and the letters


See… Ojo seems the Gossest to me of the bunch. It talks about nomads and a talking bear? Seems p Goss to me. But I see Black Beauty too…


Oh yeah! Thanks for telling us!


I haven’t posted to Instagram in a while simply because I’m not sure what’s happening there. I do know what’s been happening at the offices of Ackerly Green and I’m putting a post together about it. It should be ready tonight/tomorrow.


Maybe Ojo as Goss and Black Beauty as Eben? I know you mentioned that before. And I think it’s plausible, since Ebenguards are known for being activists, and that’s something Black Beauty inspired.


Yeah, thats just my instinct, but I could be totally off. I do agree that Gossmere are probably found a lot in the ranks of activists, animal activists especially, but a book that could start a movement so big just seems distinctly Eben, and I would have a hard time placing Ojo anywhere else.


In response to @Cj_Heighton in a better thread, on his suggestion of AG being Aisling.

Aisling was Sullivan’s … partner? I wanna say wife, but I’m unsure if they ever got married? They met up when each was following their respective path, Sullivan: Wool, Aisling: Silver.
Anyways, she’s Deeds mother.
From what we know, Aisling ‘sacrificed herself to save Diedre’ from being taken by Sullivan when Deed’s was little.
So if it is her … ghost Aisling?
I mean, either way Aisling or the actual Ackerly Green it’ll be a ghost.

Tin foil time:
That struggle between Sullivan and Aisling, she supposedly used some sort of Magiq on him and that’s what cost her her life?
Do we know that she actually died, though?
Or perhaps she simply no longer exists in our mundane world but elsewhere …?
Or did we alter timelines enough that the struggle never happened and she didn’t die …?

I am very sleep deprived.


So, I don’t know if they ever legally married, but I think I remember that they married in some ancient half sunken Indian temple some time before Deeds was born.


They did end up marrying for real (in the eyes of the law) once they reached New York. And they totally did do their first vows in a sunken temple. :slightly_smiling_face: She talks about it in her blog post about Tome Kindling with Colby, The Door - Part Three.


Huh. So I might somewhat be onto something, here. Uhm, if thats the case… Could it be Aisling trying to protect the publishing house from sullivans influence? Is she malicious or good?


I would say, based on what we know of Aisling… shes a wild card. She followed Silver, which to me is a big ole red flag. However, she seemed really morally driven, so much so that for awhile there I suspected she was an Ebenguard. I don’t think we know enough about her to make a guess as to where she stands, honestly.


Flashes back to Kemetic Solutions Just… Just ONE red flag @OracleSage


Well to be fair we don’t know how long KS was part of Silver… But yes. Big red flags.