The Ackerly Green Book Shop



Three of the books are kids books, four if you count the penmanship. Maybe something there?


Are we sure this is even a puzzle? I mean I’m so used to the Fragments that it’s the first thing my mind jumps to as well, but maybe it just is what it is.


Everything unexplained is a puzzle. That’s the fun in life.


I’m kinda hoping it’s a puzzle. Maybe it’ll help me get back into the mood to continue where we left off in Steve’s puzzle.


The fact that it’s just happening means something is up. Maybe it’s related to those strange pins Sab found? Either way, magiq is shifting and there’s a reason why.


I keep returning to the fact that the two posts next to each other are parts of what appears to be the same game.


I had to reread “strange pins” a couple of times. It kept coming up as “stabbed bins” in my head for some reason. You’re probably right though. The pins are a probable cause of this.


Maybe someone should try and arrange the photos outside of Instagram and maybe try they blend somehow!?!


The caption for the fourth and third post seem like they might be referencing each other? Jeremy Fisher, at least the book is nowhere to be found in the post supposedly about him. The closest is the frog statue in the fourth post. Just spitballing.

The four characters referenced in the 3rd post are: Peter Rabbit (rabbit), Jeremy Fisher (the frog), Squirrel Nutkin (the squirrel), and Jemima Puddle-Duck (a duck).


I think the book is peeking in at the left side…

Or I thought it was, but now that I look again, that’s a pig foot…

Edit: Just looked again, Fisher’s book is in the first pic with Nutkin’s game piece. So I’m not going completely crazy.


The lastest post and it’s description


All the dice show the same number on the side and top. Six, Four, Five, Four, Five, Four, Five. Balimora, Weatherwatch, Gossmere?


Have we tried… Like asking who it is?


That dang repeating four again. Any significance to that number in the past? I’m drawing a blank.

Thus far we have:
Four ducklings
Four characters
3 dice with a four face up
Four year difference between publishing and date of use in handwriting book
The bear has four names


Question: What do we know comes in fours normally? Anything come to mind?


Typically from what we’ve seen magiq works in multiples of 6, but the first magiqal reference to 4 that I can think of was unlocking the Book of Briars, itself. Four phases, four fragments per phase - Fragment 4 itself was divided into 4 parts? Anyway, that gave us four plants (flora), animals (fauna), and constellations (cosmos). I don’t remember whether we got a Book/Age on the last fragment?

And, of course…tetrahedrons have four sides. (Please don’t kill me for reminding everyone!)


Time is the one from last Fragments.


Today’s post was slightly earlier again.


Well, it has nothing to do with magiq, but there is a sci fi fandom that has a focus on knocking four times during one particular season.

A little more on-point, Peter has three siblings, which would be four rabbits total.


I can’t believe I missed the four from the fragments.

@Ashburn don’t remind me. I’m still emotionally destroyed.

Edit: Also I’ll keep updating that list of posting times in case that ever becomes relevant.