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The Mountaineers - including Sabe, let’s not forget, though he’s from the previous generation - and Ackerly Green have enemies and allies on this side of the mundane and on the other side.

Nothing about this seems malicious to me. But it’s a good reminder that things… are changing.

I think we’re on to something with all this :tinfoilhat:


@Saberlane Just wanna check, did you post the recent picture on the Ackerly Green Instagram account?


… No. For everybody who hasn’t seen it:

And there’s a post about a Peter Rabbit board game.


This couldn’t have anything to do with king Rabbit?


I choose no.


Woah. Okay, the questions are multiplying. This post calls the series “personally beloved.” Can we assume it’s one person, then? Who apparently shares my love for Beatrix Potter? And “recently acquired?” By whom? Sabes, the shop hasn’t actually acquired a copy of this game recently, right? No vintage board games mysteriously appearing in your office?


These are all the descriptions from all three posts


Okay I’m just gonna list random thoughts as I read through these posts and see if anything stands out so sorry if any of the points have been made already;

1 - Why are there so many ridiculous words in the description of the first post?
2 - Should we look at Baum’s original works for clues?
3 - Is the Bears full name important?
4 - Everything has history, this seems like another clue
5 - History, Memory, Wonder all key parts of Ackerly Green’s philosophy? Ideology? Motto? I’m not sure on the right word
6 - Maybe it belonged to Ackerly Green or even Sullivan?
7 - Rabbit, why is it always the rabbit!
8 - The person who’s posting these pictures seems to have some attachment to them
9 - Again with the wonder
10 - A Game and books
11 - Pathways, Silver and wool?
12 - Maybe this is a clue to how many people are involved in this or who are being targeted or who have travelled a particular path?


Do we have a connection to Connecticut in 1880? Or something that would lend meaning to the four year difference (Again sorry for lack of knowledge. I found the Mountaineers pretty late compared to y’all. Still working my way through the very helpful wiki in the gaps between homework and classes and study abroad apps. Maybe I’ll find some new corner of Magiq in the UK…I’m getting off track…again.)

Payson Dunton & Scribner’s National System PENMANSHIP (for ease of access) this is #5 of twelve. Potter Ainsworth and Co. --> Potter? Beatrix Potter connection between two sources?

References to paths and alternate worlds. Game itself is called a race.

Could there be clues in the photos aside from the books/games. These all seem to have a focus on childhood (lil wiki article on Beatrix potter)
Ref to four characters (again with the four…?)

Book 27
Emphasis on bear “Snuffurious Buxorious Blundurious Boroso”
Wiki on author L. Frank Baum (seriously Lyman is an unfortunate name):

Summary of Ojo in Oz (Mooner Mountain, MM?)

Again, I’m gifting y’all with my unfiltered initial thoughts/notes. Hopefully you can make connections I can’t or that I missed. I’m not always accurate but I am thorough. Will post something more polished once I’m home.


You pointing out the penmanship reminds me of Steve’s last puzzle a few months ago. :tinfoilhat:

When I read the summary for that particular Ojo book/a summary of all of Ojo’s storyline, the fact that his father’s under the influence of magic stuck out to me as something that could be important.


@Saberlane I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you didn’t post this one either?


Okay we have the same author twice in a row now. At least that’s something.


Here’s the description from the latest post


That’s a negative.


Whoever, or honestly I shouldn’t even assumed its a person, we spent the last year communing with a book… So whatever it is, it has a message, and I think the best way we can figure out who it is to allow them to say what they need to say.


They want to play a game with us, so let us “go down the rabbit hole” shall we!?! (The pun was intended)


LOL. I love how Sabes tells us that someone not him is mysteriously posting from the Ackerly Green Instagram, and within a handful of days we’re all assuming something wants to communicate with us and are looking for hidden messages and crazy literary puzzles. :tinfoilhat: What even are our lives on the Magiq internet?

I’m not sure what exactly the common thread is between the mystery posts, aside from the same ‘old world stories’ aesthetic. The first post didn’t have a year, the second post had two, the third was actually about a board game…I dunno. And why the AG Instagram? What’s the connection? If who/whatever is posting wanted to contact us, why wouldn’t they come to the Forum? If they know about us and are friendly, we’re not that hard to find. And if the Joradian is keeping them away, I’m not sure I want to be talking to them…


What’s striking me is that the author of the posts keeps citing the years they were published. Like if it was solely story based, why would they need to do that? I’d understand if something was obscure but this is consistently happening.

Thus far we have (in order of posting):
27 (mentioned), first published 1933
CW 1876, labeled 1880


Any pattern to the times the posts happened? Today’s was earlier in the day than the previous posts. Maybe mapping them to the times of day for the guilds on the Chronocompass? That would make a knock pattern to Neithernor…


Feb 2nd, 2018; 7:57 pm HST for Ojo in Oz
Feb. 5th, 2018; 7:41 pm HST for the Penmanship book
Feb 7th, 2018; 5:28 pm HST for Beatrix Potter game
Feb 8th, 2018; 3:54 pm HST for second Beatrix Potter post
Feb 9th, 2018; 1:23 pm HST for third Beatrix Potter post

My IG was displaying PST, almost made the mistake of posting that instead of HST. Whoops. Glad I caught that!