The Ackerly Green Book Shop



Could the Herman pin affect your account. Sorry if I’m a bit late at this, but didn’t it add something already?


Advantage to all perception rolls


I didn’t post the new one, btw.


I was going to ask where you found it - or whether you didn’t actually find it and have no idea where it came from.


So either someone is sending you a secret message, or you have a magiqal/spectral PR department working for you.

As much as I love a good secret message, that second option is pretty interesting.


I have little to no Instagram game, so option 2 sounds great to me too.


I noticed that whoever/whatever is posting always puts the description in curly brackets, and signs it “-AG” - Ackerly Green, I’m assuming? Is it safe to assume that if you post, you’ll be signing it with your initials, like the first post?


That’s right. I noticed the difference in formatting too, but I guess I’ve seen “AG” so many times over the past year I didn’t think much about it. Who’s signing these as Ackerly Green, the company?


The only other AG I can think of is Aisling Green. Maybe in the age of Magiq we lost she was (is?) an Instagram genius.


Whoah. So you’re thinking not corporate initials, but actual signature.


Well we all agree AG stands for something. It always a good first step to round up all the possible suspects and keep them in mind.

I know our Supreme Court thinks corporations are people, but I have a slightly easier time swallowing a person is doing this than the actual company. But either way, I am way too far into tin foil hat territory even speculating.




Okay, so since we’re :tinfoilhat:-ing, ever since I got a separate office for Ackerly Green (and moved work hours out of our apartment) there have been… things happening.

Like voices? Not in the adjacent offices. In AGP. And if I’m here late, and the floor is quiet, I sometimes hear typewriters.


And mind you, the offices of AGP are less than 150 square feet. So no room for tiny, hidden secretaries on tiny little typewriters.


Since we now know the Low has it’s own podcast. I wonder if they have their own version of those cheesy ghost hunting shows? We could try to get your offices featured on one of those. It’d be good publicity, too.

Now I’ve got this image of some bro with spiky hair and a flamboyant cape looking around your office for ghosts with his small camera crew. I’m amused and appalled.


Ghostfacers: the Ackerly Green Edition! Although I think getting a whole camera crew in there could be difficult.

So, that’s also super weird. Do you think it might be connected to the Instagram posts? I mean, given the past year or so I’m ready to say anything is possible. Are typewriter ghosts also proficient in Instagram marketing?


Where is this podcast? Also no joke, maybe its the magiq thats already in AGP. The previous company was producing magiq books, and was in the book of the wild right? Maybe the residual magiq connecting the old and new is affecting things? Names have power, and taking on the mantle of AGP probably has let the magiq be released and be used. Maybe the ghosts are appearing there too.


The only episode of the Low Report we know of is here.

Edit: Btw, if you’ve never heard this. You really should. It’s wonderful.


Oh wow. The memories here. This should be required listening.

I wish we had an “in” to find new episodes. How often do you think they update?

A quest for a later day, I suppose.


Okay. Who is an important question, but let’s not forget about the Why. Why these books? The first one might have been to catch Sabe’s attention, being a favourite, but what about this one? What is the poster trying to say? It feels unlikely that whoever this is just wants to show us pretty books. Is that just a tinfoil hat theory? Maybe, but things surrounding this company tend to be more than they seem.