The Ackerly Green Book Shop Opens at 7am EDT


Morning Mounties! Just a heads up that will open its doors at 7am EDT.

If you’re on desktop, be sure to click the “login” link in the sidebar and then “login with forum” because that will link your Basecamp 33 account to Ackerly Green Publishing, which I promise will ensure lots of cool fun stuff down the line (If you’re on mobile or forget, just use the same email address you use for BC33 and I can sort it out not the backend.)

The shop requires account registration in checkout (if you haven’t logged-in/registered before checking out) because if you buy digital goods I need an actual account to be able to perma-serve those to you.

But I promise, registering and/or linking your forum account will be worth your while.

Meet you at the book shop in about ten minutes!


The shop is open and some mounties are already in!
If you’re having trouble connecting your forum account to the site, make sure you have the forum open in another tab and you’re logged into it.

If you keep getting the unfortunate (Expired Nonce) error, try closing your browser and opening the forum first, then the book shop site.

Also, don’t stress about it. I can always link you up later!


I’m having a slight problem with signing into “Your Account”. Is it the same as the account on here or do we need to make a new one?


If you want to connect your account, follow some of the steps above if you’re having trouble, but yes, use your email you use here.


I dunno if it helps, but I initially registered with my Basecamp email and afterwards found the “log in with your forum account” box, and the two seemed to connect automatically? Now when I log in with my email, it shows my forum username and stuff. :slightly_smiling_face:




So I got the “Expired Nonce” notice a couple times and restarted my browser and it wasn’t helping. What eventually did it was opening the forums home page, not having this page open. So if anyone is having trouble, maybe try that!


Happy to say my order went through. I’m looking forward to reading Forest of Darkening Glass with my daughter and letting her pick the path through it.


I will pass that message on to Fletcher. :slight_smile:


Hmmm so I can’t find that button so there might be a problem with the mobile version of the webpage. I’ll check the computer version and see if anything is different.

EDIT: ye it seems to be a problem with the mobile version. I’m just gonna have to wait for CJ to link the accounts.


Yeah I can only use the mobile version today cause I’m working a 12 hour shift every Monday


Theres latin script at the bottom of the store page. Might be important. Anyone want to translate? Im fcking bad at it. One sec ill find it


It’s nothing to do with puzzles, it’s just the company motto. “Above all, wonder.”


I’m also pretty sure the Ackerly Green site is, at least for now, out of game.


Oh. Welp. XD rather new to this, more used to stuff like cicada and all that, puzzles within puzzles. Sorry about that ^^!


I’d just like to tell you there’s a bug on the mobile site, when you go to check your cart is shows this.


So weird. I can’t recreate it!


I see your order went through. Sorry for the weird cart issues.


:+1: Thanks anyways!


Hey @CJB I’ve just bought something off the shop and something seems to have gone wrong. Either it didn’t convert from dollars to pounds or the price symbol was wrong. Can you have a look into this please?