The Ackerly Green Advance Readers Program!


Allow me to just be super super sappy for a second.
This book is so full of nostalgia and every time I see a mounties name, or a little thing that affected me a lot at the time, I like start crying but in a good way.
Blown away CJ, and by all you amazing mounties.


im not even to the point of one of my biggest things, and i completely understand.
I’ve been running for a pretty decent amount of time, having gotten here around the times of KR, but it still holds magiq for me. every. time.

i cant wait to read more. so much more.


Thank you guys, so much!


I have been reading while feeding Ebenbaby, taking the time to slowly digest everything. I finished it today. It was an amazing experience, taking in events I thought I was familiar with, seeing them from Marty’s perspective and learning something new. His journalistic, narrative voice - hearing his doubts and pain and hope - gave everything a certain color.

Reading this deeply humanized the story - in a way I didn’t expect. The tiny details were awesome even when they were tragic. The end was poignant, and l find myself anticipating Volume Two with a sense of anxious foreboding even though I (think I) know that comes next.

I am incredibly thrilled and proud of the Mountaineers. And this is only Volume 1.

Amazing work, CJ.


Volume 2 will be out to Advance Readers tomorrow!




jesus, seriously? i figured it would just be volume one, thats very generous.