The Ackerly Green Advance Readers Program!


Northern Ireland


Awesome we just need a Scottish Mounty to complete the set! :joy:


Sign me up please!


Late to the party as usual. But I’m almost out of hell week, so yes, sign me up please!


Oh this is just amazing!! I’d love to get a copy! Sign me up please and thanks!


Sign me up


Okay Mounties, today’s the day! Below is a copy of the email you will be receiving today, with a link to download your own personal copy of The Monarch Papers Volume One: Flora & Fauna (!!!):

Early Reviews:

Early book reviews are incredibly important for the success of a book, especially on Amazon, and especially for a fledgling publishing company like Ackerly Green. It means so much to me that you’d consider leaving a review of The Monarch Papers Volume One on its publish day (Tuesday July 3rd), because those reviews will help me tremendously in building the “social proof” that this book is worth buying.


The manuscript is also currently with my editor, having a final proof. But if you find spelling, grammar, formatting errors, or errors in narrative, please send those to As this is an uncorrected proof, if you choose to leave a review on Amazon on the book’s release day (Tuesday, July 3rd) you don’t have to include anything about errors as they will be addressed before the publish date.


Bookfunnel, the company that watermarks and distributes our digital books, will send you an automated email in two weeks, reminding you where to leave your review on the publish date with a bit of text you can add to your review clarifying that you either did or didn’t purchase this book and that your review is unbiased. I’ll also follow up personally on the morning of July 3rd with similar reminders.


I’m also considering making the e-book available for .99 on the first day on Amazon. You are not at all encouraged to buy an extra copy, but if you did, and you leave a review, it will have a verified purchase check next to your review. The higher we reach the list on the first day or two, the better chance we have of making this book a success.


FINALLY, since you are reading this before most readers, PLEASE keep its secrets to yourself until the release day. :slight_smile:

Volume Two?

The release of the next book, The Monarch Papers Volume Two: Cosmos & Time, will be staggered to the first week of August to give everyone in the Advance Reader Program a chance to read them both and leave a review if they’d like. That book will have its own email and download link. Look out for that email by the end of June.

In the email you’ll find a link to download a digital copy with instrictions on how to read it on every device.

Ackerly Green has premium support through Bookfunnel, so if you have trouble, please feel free to reach out to them.


The email has been queued for sending! They should start going out in the next ten minutes.


The hype is very, very real


They’re officially in the wild. :slight_smile:


Guess I needed to install an e-reader for this. Can’t wait to dig in.


This is so exciting!


I was just about to look for a new book to read and this comes out just in time!


I’ve had a couple requests for an ARC-exclusive category for you guys to discuss the book.


Would be nice. Reporting errors would also be easier as we can check for duplicates.
On a side note, just finished the book and WOW, the ending was intense.


I sent an email to everyone on the ARC list with the group link.
You can also just click and request membership here:
Then you’ll be able to see the new ARC category in Elsewhither.


As someone who isn’t going to read it until the official release, I appreciate the group so I don’t have to work hard to avoid spoilers :sweat_smile:


How can there be spoilers Sel?? You LIVED the Monarch Papers :grin:


Right. Idk. But Marty probaly knows things I don’t.


Also I still can’t comprehend that I lived through a book. That things I did or was involved in is a real thing - an actual book - I dunno. Just can’t picture it yet.