The Ackerly Green Advance Readers Program!


Oh, hey, right as I’m getting my free time back! I’d love to write a review for y’all, and assist in hunting down any grammar or continuity errors. :cjsmile:


If/when you all review the book on amazon, maybe refrain from saying that you got an ARC. I heard from an author friend that Amazon has been taking down reviews that mention or even imply comphensation or payment, even if it is only an early copy of a book. I cant veryfy this info so take it with a grain of salt. Its just what I’ve heard.


Good point, @Sellalellen. You are not AT ALL required to leave a review for joining the Advance Reader program. We just wanted to be clear that the program we’re using to manage the ARC process will remove you from the list if you don’t complete the expected ARC process. But you can always be reinstated down the line. It’s not punishment for not reviewing. We just needed a “third party” to manage this process so that it was more objective and less like we were personally managing you leaving reviews for our books.

I’ll also have two pieces of copy you can add to your review. One for if you didn’t pre-order the book and one for if you did. We’ve tried hard to have all our bases covered because Amazon is strict about this, which I understand.


Oh yes please! Where do I sign?


I would love to be a part of this! What do I need to do?!


Yes, please include me in the ARC program.


Consider yourself enrolled! If you want to use the email address you used to sign into the forum, you don’t have to do anything else except keep an eye out for an email in the next week or so. If you want to use a different email address, just pm me!


I would like to be considered for the ARC program.


Please sign me up, can’t wait to read it!


Please sign me up! I can’t wait to read it!


I’d love to do this! Sign me up :smiley:


I’ll definitely do this!


Sign me up!


i would like to be part of the ARC, just cant do TMP first…


I would like to be part of the ARC. Is this open to players in the UK?




I’d love to be a part of this! Sign me up!


Even though I got overwhelmed during the search, I would like to join to program so I can finally figure out what is going on. This genre is right up my alley.


Yes. Please sign me up for this


@MaxxGothic You’re in the UK too?!