The Ackerly Green Advance Readers Program!



Hello, readers!

We’re excited to extend an invitation to the first round of the Ackerly Green Advance Readers program.

For those of you who don’t know, an Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) is an edition of a book which is released by the publisher in very limited quantities before the book is available to the general public, usually for promotional purposes.

If you join the Ackerly Green Advance Reader program, you’ll have the chance to read The Monarch Papers before anybody else! Before you join, though, we ask a few things:

  • Most importantly, we’d love if you’d consider posting a review of both volumes of The Monarch Papers to Amazon on the morning of its official publication (July 3rd).

  • You’ll be reading a digital, uncorrected copy. There may be spelling, punctuation, or continuity errors. If you notice anything amiss, please email This will be a massive help to us!

  • It’s important that you don’t sign up if you aren’t able to post a review on the day of release. Early reviews are crucial to the success and “social proof” of a book so please be sure you have an Amazon account in your name and that you will be available in the early part of July 3rd to post your review.

  • We ask that you please don’t share the digital manuscript with anyone else. Keep in mind that your copy of the manuscript will be invisibly watermarked with your name and email address.

  • While the ARC program won’t exist in-world, there will be a secure forum area where you will be able to discuss the contents of the books.

Though we are asking you to write a review, we still want you to give your honest opinion. You are not obligated to write a positive review.

We will provide you a boilerplate text before the publish date which you can post at the beginning of your review, indicating that you were given an advanced copy in exchange for a review but were not compensated.

If you’re interested, please respond below and Devin will get you set up in the ARC program in the coming weeks. Thank you!


Sign me up, sirs and madam.


I need this in my life.


I would be extremely interested in getting on board with this ARC program!


Ill gladly take part in this.


I’d be happy out with an honest review.


Sign me up, please sir! I’d love to review the story.


Where do I sign?


I would absolutely love to


Sign me up, this sounds amazing!


I want in!


This sounds just like my cuppa tea but I don’t even know where in this crazy world let alone what I’ll be doing… No spoilers ok Mounties :wink:


Yes! A general No Spoilers rule.


pfft. looks like most of the actives will have a first look if everyone who signs up gets it early :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sign me up please!


I want to, so so much, but im going to be on a plane to japan, so i dont know if i’ll be able to drop a review on July 3rd.

Maybe for the next one, if i may be added to the list, but not for TMP.


Japan!?! Dude thats awesome.


its gonna be a good trip i take with my girlfriend. i’ll make sure to take pictures.


Sounds like it will be a blast! Enjoy your trip to the land of the rising sun! :blush:


After much deliberation, I have to unfortunately pass up the early copy because I don’t trust myself enough to both read through the entire book and write a well developed and critical review. I just procrastinate way too much, plus its summer for me so… I guess i’ll catch up with you guys in July!