Tending the Mindflame


At the top of the Thornmouth lighthouse resides the Mindflame. It is a symbol of our guild and helps ships navigate the rocky shore below. As such, all guild members come to check on it at one time or another. We are a big guild, though, and tending the Mindflame is not lonely work. Use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow lighthouse-tenders. You can talk about what you do in the mundane, your hobbies and interests, your view of magiq… anything that can help us get to know our fellow guildmates better.

The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
The Welcome Super Topic: Come Say Hello!
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I am Sellalellen, but my fellow Mounties have shortened it to Sel. You can call my by either one, I don’t mind. I came up with this username quite by accident. My Mum tried to call me by both my first and middle name but got tongue-tied and ended up combining them into one long word. And it stuck. She still calls me Sellalellen or Lellen from time to time and it confuses visitors because neither of those sound anything like my real name.
I’m the sort of person who gets really into niche topics and soaks up all the information I can on one before moving to another. For the past little while, that has blended with my Flinter tendencies, resulting in my picking up new strange hobbies for a few months to a year, and then abandoning them to learn the next thing. I have a dusty loom and paper making supplies leaning against a wall untouched now. The ones that really seem to stick for me are crocheting and embroidery. I love seeing yarn work itself into a recognizable shape, and seeing someone squish a thing I made against their face is so gratifying. I see my embroidery like a form of painting but I get so attached to my projects that unless I made them with someone in mind from the start, I have a hard time letting them go. My pieces are all one of a kind and so they feel too precious to let out of my sight.
I did not mean to write an essay here. Please do not feel pressured to write as much as I did, I clearly got carried away.


Hey, I’m TrueMagick! Name’s from a shortened version of a username I normally use for things, which in turn is from the registered (?) name of a horse we had on my grandparents’ farm. I consider myself a gamer, although may go long periods of time without playing anything. I’m willing to play anything from video games to tabletop games to games that require physical activity. When I have something to read, you’ll know it because any chance I get my face will be in it. I’m constantly watching anime both current seasons and old. Grew up with a crafty mother and in turn have enjoyed craft projects, but don’t usually make things of my own accord normally. However, my mom and grandma will ask me for help if they need it and usually find it spot on. I think that about sums it up.


Hey, I’m BrokenVoid, or just Void for short. My nickname comes from a few years ago when I really wanted to create my own video game company, and it was going to be called Broken Void Games. I quickly learned how hard it is to actually make a video game and lost interest, but I really like it as a username so I use it for most things. I currently work as a manager at a hardware store in my hometown but I’m going to have to find a new job as I’ll be moving away for college in August as a microbiology major. In my free time I like exploring different languages, I’ll learn a little bit of one and see if I like it, then move onto another. I currently know a good amount of German, I can read Swedish but not speak it, I’m getting better at speaking Polish, and bits and pieces of a dozen or so others. I’m also really into bugs, I have several tarantulas, a few scorpions, cockroaches, and a couple beetles. I have a decent bookshelf of “to-be-read” books that I’m gradually working at. Occasionally I do some digital artwork in photoshop like my profile picture.


Hi, I’m IdyllWild. A new ThornMouth by a week actually. My name comes from a username I had on IRC a very very long time ago. I’m a very casual gamer, and love RPG, adventure, and puzzle games…I do own a Switch, but I don’t play it very often. I also enjoy making my own cards and am going to endeavour to start embroidery without poking my eyes out next month. I also love to read and my newest thing is birdwatching. I have a ravine in the back of my house, so it’s really easy to go! My favorites are the fat fluffy ones, like parulas and chickadees. I’m tying to read more and watch less TV, although I’ll still go to the theatre to see movies and documentaries. I have a pair of female degus that I also love to spend time with, they’re old ladies though at five and six. Grace and Ada.


Hello, I’m Strix. A number of years ago I began to write a novel, one of the characters was called Strix. I got about halfway when my nana passed away, I didn’t write for another month, just as I began to get in my stride a friend from school passed away only 25 years old. Needless to say I got huge writers block and couldn’t even look at my novel let alone continue writing. Then about 10 months later I met a guy, he seemed the embodiment of Strix, he looked like him and they had very close personalities.
We married two years ago and now have the bubbliest and most inquisitive 13 month old. I wonder now if I had continued with my novel would I have met my favourite people in the world?


Hi everyone, I’m Rhavaniel. Years ago I was a member of an online RPG/avatar/virtual pet site, and I was trying to collect elvish names for my pets. A site called arwen-undomiel.com was an indispensable resource for me at that time, and that was when I came across the name - it means ‘wild one’. I loved the sound of it and, though I’ve never been much of a ‘wild child’, I’ve not always been one to toe the line either!

I’ve been a reader since I was very young. I would happily read entire books in one sitting and not realise I hadn’t moved all day. I did literature for my undergrad degree and realised why everyone raves about Shakespeare’s plays (seriously - I ended up doing my final dissertation on four Shakespeare plays and I had some of my happiest moments researching for it). Etymology and language in general really gets me fired up - I love rediscovering out-of-use words and finding out exactly where words have come from…

I could ramble for ages about things that make my brain happy, but think I’ll leave it there for now!

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