Tea Time! Coffee Break! (a beverage discussion thread)

So, I’ve noticed that there are a great deal of Mounties that enjoy Coffee and/or Tea.

What are your favorites (and how do you brew them)? Any recommendations that you want to share? Any little coffee shop or roastery you wanna show off and support your local businesses?

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Ooooo I’ve got a few!

  • a caramel Lipton tea that I bought in Paris and have yet to find in North America
  • these fruit teas from a grocery store in Quebec…one was orange strawberry and the other was black currant blackberry…so good!
  • anything black currant really, but I liked the Harney and Sons one a lot

And right now I’ve got a blackberry and sage black tea from Republic of Tea that’s really nice!


Black current anything also got me like :drooling_face:

But !!! Caramel Lipton tea? I had no idea that existed omg


I love a good caramel and coconut tea :heart: There was a lovely one at Teavana, but those stores all closed.

I love the Brazil blend from Peet’s coffee, Cafe du Monde with chicory, and the chocolate cherry light roast from Cameron’s :heart:


Thanks to @grimangel53, i have discovered my favourite current coffee is Foxtail Coffee’s columbian blend. Was a great few days.


I got to work as a camp counselor over the summer and we would have a weekly breakfast at the end of the week cooked over a fire out in the woods. Because of the distance, creamer and such was never brought, so I found the best coffee mixture (in my opinion).

The recipe is as follows:
Black coffee black as my soul
A packet of hot cocoa mix
Mix together


My favorite tea is a custom fandom tea that I bought online from Adagio teas. Its Earl Grey, vanilla, and pu erh dante!


I have a tulsi mango peach tea that I got from a local farmers market. It’s loose leaf and sweetens really easily. Chai is also a new favorite of mine.


!!! I wasn’t expecting so many replies! All of these sound so good /hurriedly adds them to my list of drinks to try/

Coffee folks- do you drink your coffee black? ( I do lmao)


I drink my coffee medium, maybe one or two cream, tons of sugar (4, 5 packets lol). Adhd, so the sugar and caffeine helps me mellow out, focus on the day ahead.


As the beastie boys so eloquently put it ‘I like my sugar with coffee and cream’
I’m also one of those people who prefers flavoured coffee, and when I was in the UK earlier this year I discovered (thanks to my SIL) beanies coffee and omg my mind was opened.

This is my haul from our trip, and there are even more flavours I don’t have. My favourites are white chocolate and raspberry, chocolate orange and caramel popcorn.
As for flavoured tea, my husband absolutely loves David’s tea. Most of the teams you get here (without going out of your way) really are just hot leaf juice.
So I sense we’re going to spend a lot of money there when we revisit Canada next year :rofl:


oh yea i should also post in my own topic oops

Tea wise: I adore white tea, oolong, and pu erh. Some of my favs are Pai Mu Tan (white) , the coconut puchong (oolong - adagio tea), and just about any pu erh I can find. The earthy scents are what make me happy tbh. I don’t often put anything in my tea, but when i do its normally in earl grey.

Coffee wise, I don’t have as much exposure to the different kinds, but I do enjoy a nice dark roast, as well as some of the flavored light roasts. I still need to figure out a good way to explore the coffee side of things I’ll nearly always drink my coffee black unless I really need the sugar.


Coffee Cat!


He loves to steal the limelight whatever’s happening :wink:


I don’t do coffee or black tea (caffeine doesn’t agree with me), but I drink lots of herbal and decaf teas. My favourite is a tin I found once of a berry hibiscus blend. It tastes great, the colour is beautiful, and it came with a little wooden spoon, hand-carved by women in Kenya so that their daughters could afford to go to school. Between the tea itself, and the people it supports, I really like it. I think the hibiscus might have been discontinued, though, as I can find other teas from that brand but haven’t seen the one I like in ages. A pity since my tin is almost run out.


I tend to lean more towards herbal teas as well, but my current favorites are a lavender earl grey and a blackberry sage oolong, both from Adagio. I had a similar berry hibiscus challenge after running out of the kind I loved when I was in Ecuador, and not being able to find that blend anywhere else. I still haven’t found one I like quite as much, but the Trader Joe’s Red Refresh is probably the closest second.

Tea is a ‘relaxing evening’ kind of drink for me though, during the day I’m definitely a coffee person. If I make it at home I like a full-bodied dark roast with a little sugar and coconut milk. If I’m at work, my go-to drink is cold brew iced coffee with mint flavoring and just a dash of cream, or if I’m feeling like doing espresso I’ll make an oat milk mocha that kind of tastes like a warm cookie.


I’m so glad people like pu erh tea, the last few times I talked about it nobody knew what it was! It’s definitely up there on my favourite teas.
I also really, really like the fruit teas I’ve been finding in Korea. They look like jam at first, but you put a scoop of it in with hot water and it’s a tea! They’re fruit with a bunch of sugar or honey in it that’s been aged for a year or so. Perfect for when I’m losing my voice.
Coffee wise I’m an absolute gremlin and will drink anything you hand to me. I have a preference for dark roasts with some creamer and sugar, though, and the Sumatran blends out of Starbucks tend to be pretty good. I’ve had to stop drinking so much instant coffee since I gave myself the shakes in the middle of the day, though.


Ooo those fruit teas sound so good! I wonder if there would be a way to recreate the recipe?
And I can definitely relate to the mid-day shakes, I’m impressed that you’ve been able to cut back to help with that… it sounds like a much healthier response than my usual fix, which is just more coffee :cagsko:


You can find some good ones in any Asian market. If you have an H-Mart near you, they’ll have some for sure


They look like this:

I’m not sure I ever saw them at my local Asian markets back home, but if you have larger markets they should be there like Connielass said!