"@Steve ! We have to go back.... Back to the past!"


The @TheBellsAreRinging says “Even this message could be a ruse to get us to turn against each other, putting us back farther in the timeline because we are so concerned about who is the liar in our @Steve s…”

The @Brendon says “I would also love to know if you all have different thoughts on what Bestiary Arts could be, since this @Steve just my take on it.”

The @Leigha says “I really like the treent idea. Expect to find walking, talking, singing foliage sprouting up around @Steve cave. :grin:

The @Kelsey says “My @Steve is a Manx Cat.”


You have to love when Steve graces us with his presence. And the information he always brings. This is certainly an interesting read and sheds some more light onto the past. And could be really informative, especially with the talk of us having to go back to the past.

What is interesting, the words Steve replaced in the quotes with his own name spells out “Rank is my patronus”

@Marty.60 has another admirer it seems


Wow. Alison Bouchard. Former collector. That’s an interesting name and first initial. Is (was? Is?) this Reader?


Woah… I didn’t even put two and yep together. Certainly an interesting coincidence (if it even is a coincidence)



Ever infuriating, ever useful, now he’s quoting 80s movies.

But more previous post holders and more links to the long 18th century.
Thank you and your crazy ways.

Now, where does a knowledge of Reader get us?


If reader remembers her past lives and knows when history changed based on her own memories maybe we could ask her when it happened? If course we have no idea where she is.

Although I suppose we know where she was now.


Now I don’t know much about Steve but could this be linked to all the stuff currently going on for fragment 13?


Oh oh oh… I have a big tinfoil hat theory!!!

:tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat:

If (and this is a big if) Alison Bouchard was (is? Magiq confuses me) Reader. Then she got the handle @AlisonB from that.

That would mean her current name is something different, and might not be Alison.

What if her current name is…Fletcher Dawson?

:tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat: :tinfoilhat:


This is utter genius! Also I should point out that the title of this thread is either a taunt or a very big clue.


Steve… You never disappoint.


“My” @Steve, eh?


I ship it.


The whole time I’ve been saying ‘Reader’. I meant ‘Climber’. This is what happens when my source material goes away. I turn into a jumbled mess of incoherence.


Climber is on the other side of the veil as of May 31st, so that avenue is shut.


I knew who you meant, but for a second there I was a bit confused.


@Steve is my absolute favorite. Always coming through with that data dump <3


Marty Rank if we include the quote in the thread name.