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I say make your suggestion. I also put additional words forward; “Demi”, “Olympus”, “Olympian”,


I don’t think it’s the any of them, mainly because there was 7 of them in the prophecy. The rhymes started with 6, do w’re already one down. But on the other hand, it fits perfectly with the idea.


The first part reminds me of Jack and Jill. The type of story reminds me of 10 Little Monkeys…
*edit: I know nothing about Percy Jackson… So I’m not going to be helpful :joy:


New message form Steve:

Four crafty Mountaineers
oh wait the sixth lives once more
a thousand blows from mad Goths later
and now we’re back to four


So far we go from 7 to 6. From 6 to five. From 5 to 4, back up to 5 because 6 didn’t die, than back down to five.

Also, if it is the Heros of Olympus series, maybe we should list which character dies? Like number 6 is definitely Leo, he is fire proof and thus would come back.

Edit: My guess for 7 would have to be either Percy, Jason, or Frank. The main reason for this is because it says “his crown”,so it has to be one of the boys. Now, I don’t think Frank has anything to do with a crown, atleast that I remember, so that would leave Percy and Jason. It could be about Percy giving up godhood but to me, it’s Jason, because he gave up his Praetorship so that Frank could lead the undead legionaries.

For number 5, I think we could discount Percy and Jason just because neither of them “faded into mere legend”. They were the heros of their respective sides, so just fading away makes no sense. Leo could fill this role because he left to get Calypso. :heart:️ But I think Hazel fills this number best. She did fade away after stopping the return of Alcyoneus in the Underworld, but also because Nico used the Door’s of Death to bring her through.

The only thing that changed this is that it says “Hell’s front door”. Which makes me think of either a Christian story or maybe a Nordic, maybe Viking tale.


I think the “Hell’s front door” part is just taking Percy and Annabeth out of the running, since they were already in there and the other five were coming to the door from the mortal side.

Edit: and for the first segment, was there a head injury anywhere when Percy and Annabeth fell into Tartarus?


Newest Message

Four crafty Mountaineers
feel like they have done this before
one fell into disrepair
the fourth is now no more


I’m leaning towards “heroes”. Y’all down?


I think Percy might of had one in Tarturus, but I don’t completely remember.


Looks as good as a guess as any.


@Steve our next guess is “heroes”


That is incorrect.

The management has also asked me to offer a general guideline. In depth knowledge of a specific set of books is not required for this. Some general research, however, likely is.

Now where did I leave that third remaining Mountaineer? Their time grows short.


Ok. Time to get more general then. Any ideas?


I’m confused by these riddles.


I have tried to find the significance of the number seven in classical greek mythology, other than Atlas’s seven daughters, I haven’t found much so far.


I’ve been looking at Roman mythology, there’s alot that deals with groups of 7, but not with what happens to them like here.


Hang on, in said in depth knowledge of a certain series, but research might be needed. Lots of series have wiki readily avaliable. So… we could still have been on the right track…


He also mentioned that in depth knowledge of a specific series of books was not necessary. It’s gonna be accessible.


Casual observations.

Edit: oh boi read it in reverse for whatever reason xD

Edit edit: so what i was thinking was pippin and mary werent exactly part of the main fellowship, only frodos travelling companions. At several points they split from the party to go off on other missions, so they werent a full part of the band. If thats the case, the fellowship is 7.


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