Steve Strikes Again: Messages from Someone


Sorry for the lateness, I’ve been extremely ill. I know it doesn’t matter now but my message was
For Niolg: “cold”


Sorry to hear that, Leigha. It’s good to see you though, and hope you feel better soon.


Hey! At least you still got it to us! Good to see you’re feeling better!


Thanks guys.


Steve dropped a new rhyme:

Six wise Mountaineers
just trying to survive
one burst into flames
And then there were five.



I’m liking the Leo idea more than my tinfoil. The last was a reference to the hobbit so it stands to reason that this reference might be to another book universe/series.
Edit: fire could also be flinterforge???


It could be, but wasn’t there 7 of them?


There were 7 houses.


The ones that became the guilds and the unknown

Again: I am very sleep deprived and I have made a full suit out of tinfoil. Once I go down a rabbit hole there is no getting me back.


Oh, sorry. I meant Leo and all of them.


Okay, been a long time since I read Percy Jackson, but that was my instant thought also.

Edit: Did some research, there’s a prochey in theseries that involves 7 half-bloods. Could we be following that?


Seven is also very close in spelling to Steve…


I don’t want to go jumping the gun on guessing (since we have only two of what I’m presuming is six or seven segments to this rhyme), but perhaps the word Steve’s thinking of is “prophecy.”


For ease of access


Steve sent a new message;

“Five brilliant Mountaineers
stood at Hell’s front door
one faded into mere legend
and then there were four”



Do we want to make a guess? I know @Ashburn suggested “prophecy”.


Not that he’ll tell us if we’re right, but we may as well (though hopefully getting it right won’t keep us from seeing the rest of the segments).


Allow me to clarify - that sentence feels just wrong to say -

You get one guess every 12 hours. Consider it your attempt at saving a Mountaineer from some obscure end. Right or wrong, I will tell you. If you make additional guesses after the first before the next rhyme, I will neither tell you right or wrong.