Steve Strikes Again: Messages from Someone


sorry, could you be speaking of primula?

ah, no, you must speak of Ophellia Margarette Winchester of the great House Baymor!


Ah! This woman went to Neithernor


ah. so then… is she the one who introduced you? the one who taught you how to knock?

seems like she learned by mistake, entered accidentally.


I wonder who it was she didn’t want to be married to? And what’s this about House Baymor?
(Good to be back, friends.)


I may have googled “Baymor Winchester”… nothing


I think it refers to the old butterfly houses.


Oh yeah! Duh! lol I searched the wrong place…


Just checked had the same idea, and @Mr5yy is correct.


nothing interesting, unfortunately


Hang on, so this is the first Bali discovering Neithernor?! She enters and finds a great tree!


shes the original balimora! or- well, one of them~!


Here we go!

In Bilbo’s immortal words (kinda) “We’re going on an adventure!”


I am so ready for this adventure.


I love adventures. :smile:
Didn’t someone say that at one time just thinking yourself to Neithernor was enough to open a door? Was this that recent, or later? What did she do?


heeeeeh. lets do this! the mounties are back!




So… to get the to the next part.



Some appropriate journeying music.


Amazing work everyone. As I said before, it is good to be back with you all :grin: