Steve Strikes Again: Messages from Someone


I’m thinking we’re missing quite a few words and/or something else.


same here. there might be another part arriving shortly.



OOP. is this what we’re supposed to do?


Monkey uncle. Someone outwitted us.


Atm, I’m gonna try and see if I can keep a conversation going, strating with the basics of names. I’ll ask about the invitations after.


I got a reply too. Asking if theyre a mountie


Good idea. I’m going to try to introduce myself also, but I think you’ll have a better chance at keeping it going.


i feel kinda bad i never got a part XD


But you’ve been the one keeping the ball rolling along with Nim! Putting all of the random info together to try to make sense of it.


Yeah! Just 'cause you didn’t get a message doesn’t mean you don’t have a part! ( and lol, I’m being told I’ve posted too much in the conversation)


Okay, I got the same reply to my intro as Nim. I asked if they were one of the Mounties but so far no second reply.


I think we’re gonna become friends :grin:


They picked the wronnnnnnng Mountie to play mysterious with there, @Skylad.


Got the same reply.

Edit: Well, atleast we know that someone won’t be of any help with hints.


Hey y’all. I got a personal message from Someone quite a while ago. This was elsewhere. Honestly, I’m not sure if it has anything to do with this…


Well, that may be because we’re not asking the right questions yet (being optamistic again lol).

On another note; I’m still trying various orders with the words, but still nothing that makes sense, at least not totally.



So we need to slow instead of jumping into it maybe.


lol, since when has that been our style though?

also @Augustus_Octavian; could you add your message time to the spread sheet please?