Steve Strikes Again: Messages from Someone


It’s for Nilab


Should we start different threads for all the different names??


So it was For Nilab: “Chaos?”?




So far each name has only appeared once, so I think one thread should be good for now.


Maybe in the future. To me, they look like names and then maybe a description of something?


Also, could everyone post what time they received their message at? I got mine at 11:48 am est.


And… we have a spreadsheet. Can everyone please fill in what they received? Thanks!


I can’t edit it for some reason but I got it at 11:48


Yeah, sorry, the time column is the same time until a new one is stated (saves writing it 6 times lol). People I didn’t have times for are further down. Also, I’ll try and sort that link…


so. what i have in terms of general info is as follows
in order the words were ilik irod iron nilawd nio niroht rubmob and rufib.
sel got her word at 9:48, rimor, revenir, and five got theirs at 11:49 along with nim, and tink got hers at 11:59. this represents three sets of messages. everything else i posted earlier. sorry if this is just reposts of already existing info, im just posting this before reading up. ech theres a spreadsheet, oops.\

eh, ill leave this up, theres pieces we need i guess.


9:48 my time is 11:48 Herman Standard


“those be cold chaos, faves be cold be and” is what i have so far in alphabetical order. am i on the right track? maybe.


Also watch out for time zones
Sel and I received them at 9:48 but that’s 11:48 EST since that’s what most of the magiqverse operates on


Is Herman Standard the right name? I cant remember. Mountie standard sounds too much like Mountain.


I think most people already converted it into EST. I just forgot to and caused confusion.


I entered my time. :+1:


oh god im not correct here. by time recieved and alphabet it goes as follows:
those be cold chaos and, not cold be, be” and then faves goes… somewhere?


I’m noticing that many of the names have the same start; Ir, Il, Nil, Rub. Maybe they group? I don’t know, I’m just throwing out theories. The times could be irrelevent.


will try.

nope. not alphabetically at least. im thinking alphabetical isnt right.
not those be cold, chaos be cold , be and

what does faves even mean? its just sorta there.