Steve Strikes Again: Messages from Someone


True. Nevermind then. It doesnt really fit.


An idea after our discussion: if it is the Fellowship, my current guesses would have to be Aragon as 7, Gandalf as 6, Frodo as 5, Gandalf comes back but Borimir dies as 4. But we would still be missing 2, so my guess would be that Steve might of removed Frodo and Sam because they left the Fellowship early, removing my guess for 5.

But it’s just a guess.


Hi folks, just stopping in real quick to give my thoughts on the whole “The Fellowship are the Seven” theory. When Steve’s riddle first dropped, @Ravenwing asked me (we’re friends IRL and happened to be hanging out together at the time) whether or not I thought the Fellowship would work as a group. After some counting and wiki consultation, though, we decided the group could not be “the Seven” mentioned here since there are nine of them. I know you mentioned you felt that Merry and Pippin don’t count, @Cj_Heighton, however, they choose to become a part of the Fellowship, and their capture by the Uruk-hai is a major part of the breaking of Fellowship. Yes, the two started as Frodo’s traveling companions, but they made their own decision to continue on and thus be a part of Fellowship.


Some fresh tinfoil for y’all. Most seems to be pointing to death, the underworld, the afterlife, etc.

The goth bit is still nagging at me though

Refs to: Jack and Jill, River Styx (Greek mythology), Human combustion?? Or literally any burning, hell, legends, mad goths…

Death? Life?
Creation and Destruction?
The faded into legend bit seems significant
types of death? but then why have 6 come back?
Resurrection? Immortality?
Processes of alchemy?

Edit if numbers:
If its by numbers mentioned: 716 615 514 46 (1000)4 414
OR 76 65 54 464 4(4 or 3?)

The repeat line is really bothering me
Now I’m just throwing things at a wall hoping they stick…

(Has this hit Thornmouth overkill yet… :sweat_smile: )
Hoping y’all can make connections i couldn’t so I’m just throwing all this out here in a garbled mess…


Same. I don’t get why it repeats.


From Steve:

Three guiding Mountaineers
wondering what to do
one was torn apart to build a citadel
and now we’re down to two


uh. that… doesnt sound good. its counting down, if we get to zero i bet we’ve failed. we have one day.


Well it definitely doesn’t sound like were referring to a person/people.
It’s super late though and I have work in the morning but I can look at it again once I’m at the circ desk


This new verse is bothering me, it sounds very familiar and I can’t think why…


Okay, I gonna do what I always do when we get things we can’t solve; write done things that are bugging me. Let’s a) get some conversation flowing, and b) maybe get some fresh eyes in here.

Okay, first off the river Styx. That’s a very specific river to mention with a ton of myths and things connected to it. Why a river even? Jack and Jill (whom this verse seems to be based off) just fell down a hill. Why the Styx?

“Hell’s front door”. Which hell? Hel, norse goddess, daughter of Loki? Hel the norse place? Hell the Christian underworld? Or just a common name for the underworld used here? Could it still be referring to something like Dis, which would tie this verse to the Styx?

Goths? Like, German Goths? This is what’s probably pulling me to Rome here, as they have history fighting the Goths.

“Feel like they’ve done this before” So we have some deja vue goign on here, or is this that they have done it before? Have we done this before?

“disrepair” Flinter? Robot? injury? confused .com

“torn apart to build a citadel” How literal do we want to get here? Cause we can get very literal and say they were used to build a citadel, or that like a sacrifice or something was needed before it could be built. I keep going back to Romulus and Remus here, thanks to all the Greek and Roman referance earlier on…

I think my out pour of randomness is finished… for now.


What about this?


If it is the seven wonders than disrepair and Styx both have a bit more context, as two were dedicated to ancient greek gods… However, neither Zeus nor Artemis have any direct connection to the underworld or styx that I am aware of.


Broke his crown: Colossus of Rhodes
Burst into flames: Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Faded into legend: Hanging Gardens of Babylon
Mad Goths: Temple of Artemis at Ephesus
Disrepair: Lighthouse of Alexandria
Citadel: Statue of Zeus
Rocks: Mausoleum at Halicarnassus


Way to go @Ashburn!


Okay…So if it is seven wonders…would “wonder” be a reasonable guess?


Ahahaha Stevie Wonder!!!


Bravo Zulu @Ashburn!!


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Thought I’d just bring this back up again. I don’t remember completing it, but here’s another puzzle if you need something to do.