Steve Strikes Again: Messages from Someone


A person named Someone has messaged us with three words:

For Iron: Cold is the one I received.

@Brendon also received a short message which hopefully holds the answer to what we need to do with these. If you have received one of these, please put it down below.


I got this at 11:48am EST

For Ilik : “those”


I got: For Nio : “be”


Here’s mine:

For Niroht : “cold”


I also received one:

For Rufib : “and”


For Nilawd: “faves”


Here is the message I got that 5 was referring to:

Are you bored?

I’m bored.

Tell me a story?

The one about the dashing, brilliant Mountaineers?

Tell me about how well they work together and how quick witted they are.

The ones who figured out that some fool sent out invitations.

Invitations to a party that inevitably got all mixed up.

Someone should help the guests introduce themselves.

Perhaps the invitations lead somewhere?

On the off chance I’ll like your story.

Maybe I’ll tell you one myself?


Oops, sorry! I thought I had posted the picture.


Ok, so a couple of questions:
Are we the ones who received the invitations or are is that someone else?

If it’s us, we should start by introducing ourselves, maybe like meeting each other at a party for the first time. If it’s someone else, maybe the messages we received have their names in it.

And let’s tell a story using these.


for the main message, the line counts are as follows.
3 words
2 words

Seems like that wont give anything.

In order, the words are ilik, iron, nilawd, nio, niroht, and rufib. however, when the words are arranged according to that order we get “those cold faves be cold and
so either we’re missing a word or alphebetical order isnt the way to go.

I was thinking maybe each word had a real world application, but that isnt the case. each of them seem pretty much random.


I got
For Irod : “be”


I got For Rubmob: “be”

Quick thought: maybe the order they were sent in? We can check the time stamps?


From the few who’ve provided so far we’ve seen two times, 11:48 am EST and 11:58 am EST I think.


Mine would be 11:49

Another thought (full of those right now lol): Had anyone tried replying yet? Anyone checked out 5’s introduction theory?


Mine was 11:48


I replied but it was just an incredulous “Eh?” No response.


I, I didn’t think about it that way. That’s brilliant!


Many hands (or in this case minds) make light work :smiley:


Oh man I was so confused!!! I got chaos at 0248 my time


Was it just “chaos”? or was there like a name before it?