Squished Herman


I came up with this design that’s meant to look like Herman, our favourite hippocampus, is flattened between the pages of a book

He is crocheted with a stuffed head. I’m considering selling these Herman bookmarks at Briarcon. Is that something you would want? I’d like to know if there’s any real interest before I make more. Thanks Mounties!


That looks incredible!


YES. Please. I want it.


I can also make a version with front legs like this


It’s awesome Sel!


There so cute @Sellalellen!!! It’s an awesome idea!


They are amazing!


I NEED one lol


Awwww! They are so sweet!!



And here we have a Herman with legs. Not sure if I prefer him with or without.


Personally, I like his little front legs.


I adore the legs


It’s socute.