Spontaneous Summer Writing Prompt


One member from each of the six guilds goes to spend a day together at the beach. Describe each of their activities.


Bali’s burying someone, Thornie’s reading or finding shells/sea glass for their collection, Ebbie’s balancing on the rocks at low tide, Flinter’s doing some sweet sand art that may or may not interact with the waves as they come in, Goss’s making sure everyone has sunscreen and getting things together with Weatherwatch for the awesome campfire later (when WW isn’t off searching for cool stuff).


The Gossmerim has a campfire going, and is playing guitar to the rhythm of the waves, another manifestation of the Common Drum.


The thornies would be hiding in the deepest shade far away from people reading books and trying to keep away from the sand :joy:


The Ebenguardian, being in their place of power, closest to their element, is mediating, walking the shoreline and gathering strength for challenges to come; ever to maintain the Golden Balance.


I imagine another group of Thornies have made their way to some tide pools and are peering in, hoping to examine the small habitats within. Some of the Balis might already be there, crouching amongst the rocks and pools as gentle waves slide over the pools. Balis invite the Thornies over to take a look at the Great Chaos at work.


The WW are way out at sea, swimming in the depths the other guilds are too nervous to trek out to. They’re splashing and playing, a few go under to scare a younger member, but all three come up laughing.

Gossmeres, as augo said, have built a campfire of driftwood. Watching the flames intently as an older members weaves a tale into the flames. Pictures of great animals and healers flicker to life before falling into ash.

Flinters are gathering all sorts of thing, finding everything from trash to sea glass. Making art in the sand and small reflective fixtures. They marvel and complement each others work, by the end of the day sandcastles tower high scatter the beach. Awaiting higher tides.

The Ebenguards as sitting in the wet sand, relaxing as the waves kiss their feet before rejoining the sea. Breathing in the fresh water air, and keeping a close eye on the Weatherwatch.

Thornmouths have set up a pavilion of umbrellas, and in the shade are reading all types of books. Occasionally taking a break to debate about a certain topic or bless another guild with some interesting facts.

Balimoras are making small hurricanes, disrupting the swimmers. They are also picking up the beach. Trash and recycling bins in toe.


I love this!


I expect alot of explosions for the Bali and Thorn meet-up.


Explosions are good.


I arrive late, dragging a cooler behind me, and a large bag over my shoulder. As I near the beach, I am greeted by distant voices, shouting and splashing in the shallows. Balimorans, most likely. A tall boy with silver hair and a gauzy yellow robe floating along behind him runs up to me and takes the cooler.
“You have sunscreen, right?” He asks as we approach the fire. The flames lick up into the sky, forming shapes that are almost recognizable for an instant before they are swallowed by the smoke.
Another man, likely a Goss, sings gently into the flames while his kids gather bits of driftwood at his feet. A wiry Balmora plays with the hot coals, harmonica resting on his knee as he tosses the ember back and forth between his hands. The kids seem both entranced and nervous.
I leave my things by the fire and walk along the beach, wet sand shifting under my sandals. I approach what appears to be a team of people, mostly women, assembling a sun shade out of branches, an assortment of blankets, scarves, and several kinds of string.
"Hey can you hold this up for me? A woman with a pixie cut waves me over and all but drops a log across my shoulders. “Perfect.” She ties it to another bit of wood behind me and then I’m free to go. I wave at them, promising to return as I head towards ths shoreline.
The air feels cooler as I approach the rocks. To my left is a handful of people with waterguns and buckets, splashing around in the shallows. All of them are soaking wet despite only being In water up to their ankles. A little too chaotic for me, I think.
I walk along the water in the other direction, and a dark haired woman comes into view, balancing rocks in gravity defying towers while her baby sits in her lap smiling and sucking her thumb, perfectly content even with the sea spray in her face. I am about to walk over to them when a heavily accented voice calls me.
Far off in the water, I can just barely see a figure with curly hair waving and trying to summon other people into the deep water. I shout an excuse and turn away.
I grab an interesting shell and a bit of kelp to study and head back to the Flinter’s sunshade. For now, this is my place. I am rarely happier than when I am in the shade with something to draw and to learn from.


Couldn’t be me :joy:
Honestly this is such a cute little story that filled me with such a sense of love for you and all the mounties. We need to do this some time, in Neithernor or Earth, we honestly all deserve a beach day after the crazy ride we’ve had.
Just be sure to remember your sunscreen :wink:


(Will respond to this myself when I get a moment, but am crying because I love Mountie beach day so much, and also laughing because I totally would co-opt passersby into being log-holders while rigging a sun shade.)


100% the one to play with fire. I appreciate that analogy lmao
also absolutely love that i figured out that was me entirely because i had a harmonica. God, my NN persona is bleeding into real life. Next thing i know ill dye my hair blonde. Help.


Your PRSFNE character is blonde? How did I not know this?


Yup! Dirty blonde, bit of stubble xP


If it turns out i’ve become a hermit in the woods and I rescued a raven you all should be a little worried cause NN is slowly becoming my life